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Q: How many types of rays emmited from radio-active elements And which type of charge they have?
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What are 2 radioactiv elements?

There are different types of elements in the world including the dangerous radioactive ones. Two of the radioactive elements in the world are hydrogen and carbon.

What types of elements are useful for dating materials?

Radioactive elements are used to date the age of rocks. Radioactive elements decay according to a known pattern. Scientists can use the elements of that pattern to determine when the rock with the original radioactive element was formed.

What can be categorized into different types of elements?

Examples: metals or nonmetals, radioactive or not radioactive, classification after the state of matter, reactive or not reactive etc.

What are the two common types of uses of radioactive elements in health care?

medical diagnosis medical treatments

Is copper radioactive?

No isotope of copper ordinarily found in nature is radioactive. Like all elements, synthetic radioactive isotopes of copper exist.

What are two types of beta decay for radioactive elements?

Some isotopes emit an electron on decay, others emit a positron (anti-electron).

Where do the two neutrons and two neutrons that consist on alpha particle come from?

they come from the nuclei of an unstable atom.

Is it true that radioactive decay results in the fusion of stable nuclei along with the emission of multiple types of radiation?

No. Fusion is the combining of light elements into heavier elements (like 2 deuterium into 1 helium). radioactive decay is when you have an unstable atom releasing energy (and sometimes matter) in order to reach a more stable state.

Difference between a non-radioactive substance and a radioactive substance?

Radioactive elements are unstable and will decay into other elements in a decay chain. Non-radioactive elements are stable and won't commence into radioactive decay. Radioactive elements can be found from atomic number 84 onwards.

Radioactive decay do not involve electrons?

Radioactive decay may or may not involve electrons. There are different types of radioactive decay.

What particles give off high energy?

Radionuclide or radioisotope is a substance that give off high energy particles or rays as it disintegrates. They emit three types of radioactivity is alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays.

Compare and contrast two types of radioactive decay?

you have to know what radioactive decay is.