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You cannot make a direct conversion of insulin IU to ml. It depends on the concentration of insulin in the vial you are using.

One commonly used concentration is 100 IU/ml, (sometimes called "U100") but this is NOT true for all insulin. If the concentration is 100 IU/ml, then each ml contains 100 IU and the conversion is 100 units = 1 ml.

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If you are referring to standard U100 insulin, there would be 100 units per ml (same as cc), or 300 units in 3 ml. A milliliter (ml) is a measure of volume, while a cubic centimeter (cc) is a measure of three dimensional space. In the case of water at standard temperature and pressure (STP) of 4 degrees Centigrade and one atmosphere of pressure, one cc is the same as one ml. u500 insulin would be five times as concentrated

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Q: How many units of insulin are in a mililiter?
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