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many many

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Q: How many varieties of snapple are there?
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How many calories for a diet snapple tea?

There's 0 calories in Diet Snapple tea.

How many flavors of snapple are there?


How many calories are in a diet snapple?


Does miley like regular snapple or diet snapple?

Miley likes regular Snapple.

When was snapple born?

Snapple the drink was born in 1972.

Is diet snapple gluten free?

Snapple is gluten free.

How many calories does a peach Snapple have in it?

Approximately 165 calories.

How many calories does peach snapple have?

yes i think so

Does the KKK own snapple?

yes, the kkk is part of the Snapple industry

How many snapple facts are there?

Snapple's Cap Facts start at #676 because numbers 1-675 are "retired" you can look on the snapple website for the retired ones.

What rhymes with snapple?

this is really random but snapple rhymes with apple. also grapple.

Is snapple carbonated?

Yes, unless it is Diet Snapple, in which case it is carbohydrate free.

Where can you purchase Snapple?

Snapple can be purchased at most convenience stores or retail chains.

What famous TV comedy series was Snapple routinely featured in?

Snapple was known for a popular series of TV advertisements in the early 1990s featuring Nick Berlet (the "Snapple Man") answering letters from Snapple fans. In the TV comedy series Seinfeld, Elaine would frequently offer Snapple to

How many times does the eye move in a second?

according to snapple...50.

How many eyelids does a duck have?

they have 3 eyelids. Snapple Fact #762

Did KKK make snapple tea?

Hell no! dr pepper owns snapple boo

Where is the expiration date on Snapple bottles?

Snapple doesn't put expiration dates on their products

How many varieties of bulldogs are there?

there are 17 varieties of bulldogs

How many varieties of oranges?

there are100 varieties of oranges

How many varieties of artichokes is there?

There are allot of varieties in California.

How many calories are in a snapple?

Depending on the flavor, about 150 calories per serving.

How many eyelids does a duck have on each eye?

They have 3 eyelids; snapple fact :)

How many grams of sugar in Snapple lemon tea?

38g. It used to be 23g.

Are there tarantulas in Snapple?


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