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Since fruit is the organ that contains the seeds of the plant or tree on which is grows, anything that grows on trees will be fruit. Only something like the leaves or bark of a tree would be considered a vegetable if it were harvested and used in foods. There are some barks and leaves that are used, but all of those are spices or used in drinks like tea. So I don't believe any vegetables grow on trees.

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Q: How many vegetables grow on trees?
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What vegetables grow on trees?

No vegetables grow on trees. Food that grows on trees is fruit or nuts.

What r the vegetables that grow on trees?

There aren't any vegetables that grow on trees.

Do vegetables grow on trees?

Some rare ones will grow on trees but most of them grow on the ground. Peas grow on trees

Are brussel sprouts vegetables?

Yes. Brussel spouts are vegetables. they grow like trees

What is considered a fruit and what is considered a vegetable?

fruits grow in trees or vines vegetables grow in ground

Are fruits and vegetables renewable?

Yes you can grow more vegetables and trees will produce more fruit the next year.

What do you call a field in which vegetable trees grow?

Vegetables do not grow on trees. They are planted in fields on arable farms,on peoples allotments or vegetable gardens. Fruit grows on trees in orchards.

How are fruits and vegetables alike?

They Are alike because of grow on farms or gardens / trees

What can you grow in soil?

You can grow things like vegetables: tomatoes, potato's and squash and such. You can grow trees as well as flowers, fruit, bushes, grass and vines.

Is there a plant that grows in the winter?

All coniferous trees, deciduous trees, and many shrubs are perennials that live through the winter. They are dormant through the winter and grow during the spring and summer. Garden plants, like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers grow in spring and summer, though there are some vegetables that may grow during the winter with special care or in a greenhouse.

How do they determine a fruit from a vegetable?

Fruits have seeds and most of them grow on trees. Vegetables do not have seeds and usually grow on bushes or small plants.

What trees grow in England?

Many different species of trees grow in England, from elms to apple trees.

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