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The African elephant had up to 20 ribs and 34 caudle vertebrae. They can have a shoulder height of eight to nine foot.

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Does an elephant have vertebrae?

yes. a vertebrae is a spine.

How many types of elephant?

2:African elephantIndian elephant

How many kinds of African elephants are there?

There are two kinds of African elephants: (1) the African bush elephant; and (2) the African forest elephant.

How many different types of elephants are there?

There are five living species of elephants:African elephantsAfrican forest elephantWest African elephantAsian elephantsSri Lankan elephantIndian elephantSumatran elephant

Which is bigger the African elephant or the Asian elephant?

The African elephant

How many wrinkles does an African elephant have?

an elephant has two thousand wrinkles

How is the African elephant different from the Indian elephant?

Indian elephant is not as big as African elephant. Indian elephant has smaller teeth than African elephant.

What does the African elephant?

Another African elephant?

Which elephant has bigger ears the African or the the Indian elephant?

The African elephant.

Is a elephant a vertebrae or a invertibra?

They are vertebrates- that have a backbone.

Which elephant is bigger African elephant or Indian elephant?

The African elephant is the larger of the two species.

How is an African elephant and Indian elephant different?

The Indian elephant has two humps on the head and the African elephant has one. The African elephant is a lot larger than the Indian elephant

What is the spieshes of an elephant?

there are 3,African elephant, Asian elephant,and African forest.

Is the African elephant the same as the Indian elephant?

no the african elephant has bigger ears

How many types of elephants are there Africa?

There are two types: (1) the African bush elephant; and (2) the African forest elephant.

What were the name of the African elephant?

It always was the African Elephant

How many molars does an African elephant have?


How many tusks does an African elephant have?


How many teeth does an African elephant have?


How many pounds can an African elephant carry?


How many pounds is an adult African elephant?

The average weight of an adult African forest elephant is 3 tons. The average weight of an adult African bush elephant is 6-1/2 tons.

What is an African elephant?

An African elephant is either of two species of elephant found in Africa.

Which is bigger an African elephant or an Indian elephant?

The African elephant is bigger. It has bigger ears.

How do you tell an African Elephant from a regular elephant?

There are three species of elephant, the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant and the Asian elephant . The biggest noticeable difference is that African elephants have much bigger ears than there Indian counterparts.

Which elephant has the biggest ears?

The African elephant has the biggest ears!The type of elephant with the biggest name has the biggest ears, the African elephant (not the Asian elephant). That's how I remember.

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