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On a normal volleyball court: 6 players

beach volleyball: 2 players

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There are many different leagues for volleyball, for beach volleyball they usually have two players on each side of the court, but for outdoor volleyball they'll either have four or more players on each side, and for indoor volleyball they have six players on each side of the court.

in most games, there are six players on the court.

In indoor volleyball there are six players on the court. In beach, outdoor volleyball there are two players.

In traditional indoor volleyball, six players are on the court at once.

there are 6 players on the court at a time in volleyball. And there are only two on the court in beach volleyball.

There are 6 players on the court at all times for volleyball.

It depends if we are talking about Indoor Volleyball or Beach Volleyball. Indoor/ court Volleyball: 6 players each side Beach Volleyball: 2 players per team/ sode

in indoor volleyball there is 12 players on the court at any time. 6 players on each beach volleyball there is 2 players on each team and therefor 4 players on the coart.

Six players must be on the court at a time.

6 players are allowed on the court at one time.

6 players are on one side of the court.

There are six players in a volleyball court during match.

6 players are on the volleyball court, when playing an Original Game

for indoor volleyball-6 for beach volleyball-2

when only 3 players can be on the volleyball court

With indoor volleyball its 6 players for each team on the court. If its outdoor volleyball its 2 players per team.

24 feet are in a volleyball court because there are6 players on each side. 6x2=12 players. 12 players x 2 feet each = 24 feet.

Normally players are not on the volleyball. However, if you meant to say how many players are on a volleyball court, then the answer would 6 on each team (there are 2 teams- just in case you didn't know)

A highschool volleyball team needs 6 players on the court at all times.

You can have up to 6 players on a court , but 15 in all for a team

There are six people on one side of the court at a time.

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