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They use 4 weapons in the battle of Shiloh

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In the Battle of Shiloh, most infantrymen carried muskets and/or calibers. Cannons were used as well.

they used: muskets ,sharp rifles, gatling guns, and cannons

He has a trident, and he uses that in battle.

He wanted the battle to be equal and fair, since grendel wasn't fighting with weapons

They use huge double sided axes or huge club. They mostly use two handed weapons.

The battle of Gettysburg was fought July 1-3 1863. the battle was fought with rifles and cannons. Both were single shot weapons, requiring time to reload, as apposed to modern weapons which reload almost instantaneously.

he used battle axes and he through poo at william

The hitties and Assyrians used iron weapons and chariots in battle.

The capture of Confederate forts Henry and Donalson were a key to the battle of Shiloh that would occur later in 1862. The loss of these two forts allowed an opening for the Union troops to use river boats to move into the Confederate state of Tennessee.

In the Battle of Bosworth the armies of Henry Tudor and Richard III most probably used javelins, swords, spears, and other deadly weapons. Richard III died from a hit from one of these weapons.

they use wooden weapons such as Bronze or bone-tipped spears,wooden swords,Clubs Woolen slings and stones and battle-axes

They used bronze scimatars in battle. This helped them conquer Egypt

They used the same weapons that were in use by other armies in the early middle ages, although the Normans considered bows more a hunting weapon than something to use in battle. They mostly used swords, daggers, spears and battle-axes.

muskets, and guns, (pennsilcainians used rifles)

Rifled percussion cap muskets and rifled cannon…

spears swords wips blade battleaxe and sheild

They would of used a lance,battle axe,and sword

You can't use the battle rifle and the equipment (bubble shield, power drain, etc.).

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