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at least 20 weeks pregnant ofr like most say 5months...

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Q: How many weeks can ultra sound tell baby gender?
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Can you see a baby on a ultra sound at four weeks?


How can you determine the gender of baby after two Months of pregnancy?

Ultra sound will show the gender otherwise you wait until the baby is born.

What does the baby look like in an ultra sound at twelve weeks?

a fetus, some dont even show up on ultra sound '

Can you tell the sex of a baby at 16 weeks and if so how right will it be?

Yes, you can tell the sex of a baby at 16 weeks, and it is close to 100% accurate. But a few factors will determine whether or not you can see the gender at 16 weeks. The baby's position and the mother's weight determine if you can see the gender clearly. With heavier women, it is harder to see a clear picture of the gender. Some women decide to check for the gender at 18-20 weeks for a more accurate ultra sound.

What should ultra sound look like at 5 weeks?

Welll in 5 weeks the baby will start growing more and more the more you feed the baby it gets healthier.

How many months do you have to be to find out the sex of a baby?

You have to wait until 18 weeks so just over 4 months, anytime before that and the baby's genitalia looks similar. At any point before the 18 weeks the doctor can't tell what gender it is. After the 18 weeks the baby has developed enough that is it safe for the doctor to do an ultra sound and see what gender the baby is. But it is always good to ask how clearly your doctor can tell between the babies genitalia.

If a baby heart starts beating after 9 weeks of pregnancy does it mean that there would be development problems?

No, but at 5-6 weeks you can hear it with an early ultra-sound. :)

Use of ultra and infra sonic sounds in daily life?

ultra sounds are used for seeing a baby in an ultra sound

Why is it illegal in china to use ultrasounds to find out the gender of a baby?

In China, as with other countries, baby girls are not as prized as a boy. The ultra sound shows the sex of the baby and baby girls are more apt to be aborted. In India this has all ready happened.

Can you find out the gender of the baby at 10 weeks?

No. Look at what your baby looks like at 10 weeks!: Usually between 15-18 weeks you will find out the gender of your baby. Actually, yes you can:

If you are twelve or thirteen weeks pregnant can a baby's sex be determined through any type of ultra sound?

You usually have to wait until you are 4-5 months along. Baby boys and baby girls look much the same until 17 weeks or so.

When can you know the gender of your unborn baby?

16-20 weeks

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