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How many weeks does it take to know that your pregnant?


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This will generally depend on the test that is used to detect a pregnancy.

Blood tests are more accurate in that they can detect a pregnancy earlier. As soon as two weeks after a missed period, blood tests can detect levels of Hcg (the hormone pregnant females produce).

Urine pregnancy tests generally do not detect a pregnancy before the 6th week because sometimes it takes that long for Hcg levels to rise to the point where a urine test will be sensitive enough to detect it.

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3 weeks after sex at the earliest is when you can take a pregnancy test and get an accurate result

You can take the test 2 weeks after sex.

You can take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after sex.

It normally takes about 2-4 weeks to know if your pregnant or not.

The earliest you can take the test is 2 weeks after sex.

I was 2 weeks pregnant when I found out. And I was on my period. You can take the test 2 weeks after sex, that is when the pregnancy pretty much starts.

It takes fourteen days (two weeks) to determine if you are pregnant with a home pregnancy test.

You can take a test 2 weeks after sex.

have to at least wait until you are about 3 weeks to take a test but to get a more accurate results you should wait until you are about 4 to 5 weeks.

Yes of course unprotected sex can get you pregnant and no, you wont know until 2 weeks after sex when you can take the test if you are pregnant or not.

You take a test 2 weeks after you had sex at the earliest

You can. But it would take atleast 2 weeks to know for sure if you were pregnant. hope this helps!

It is not likely because at two weeks pregnant, this is the week of conception. It is going to take at least 14 days after this to determine if pregnancy was successful.

You don't and it takes about 2 weeks to get pregnant. So you can take a test after 2 weeks.

You can take a pregnancy test from as soon as two weeks after sex.

If you are pregnant, then you are pregnant. It happens or it doesn't, but you won't know for 3 weeks until your next cycle when you can take a test.

Considering most people don't know they are pregnant until close to 6 weeks I would say yes. But just don't take a prescription that wasn't prescribed to you.

You start missing periods as soon as you are pregnant. So if your period was due in two weeks or three weeks from conception - it won't happen.

If it is a small dog you can see it within a few weeks if larger dog it may take a little while longer,or you can take it to the vet an get a ultra sound,if you wait about 4to6 weeks they can sometime tell you how many.

I can't possibly know that without examen you. You have to take a test.

how do you know when ones pregnant?well, it useually takees the male to get the female pregnant about 2 weeks. You know when shes pregnant by getting bigger in the stomach and wiggleing in the stomach, and shes eating more

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