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Today (13th July 2008), you will be roughly 27 weeks pregnant

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โˆ™ 2008-07-13 06:59:08
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Q: How many weeks pregnant are you if your due date is Oct 12?
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If you are 12 weeks pregnant on Oct 1 when did you conceive?

The date of conception is always a guess 12 weeks from Oct. 1 would be 4th of July weekend there abouts.

When did you get pregnant if your due date is oct 17th?

i want to know if your due date is oct 17th what month did you get pregnant in?

Is Angelina Jolie pregnant 2009?

Yes 26 weeks. The due date is Oct 28, 2009. Don't know the gender though.

If my due date is oct 4 when did i get pregnant?

Count backwards about 280 (approximately 40 weeks) days from October 4 to find the rough estimated date. January 11th

What will be date four weeks after Oct 20 th?

The 17th of November.

If you got pregnant on oct 24 what would your due date be?

Round about the end of July.

When a women is 18 weeks pregnant today when did she conceive and is that accurate if not how much off can it be?

Today I am 18 wks. and 1 day. My conception date is supposely Oct. 4 or 5. My due date is June 28, 09.

What if your due date is October 6 when did you get pregnant?

I you are due 6th oct , you got pregnant around the time of mid January.

How many days have you lived from oct.2.1939 to oct.2.2009?

It is 25,568 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

When did you get pregnant if due date is oct 4 2008?

Saturday January 12th 2008, roughly

Is Bill and Jen Arnold pregnant by surrogate?

yes Their surrogate was pregnant,but lost the baby at about 7 weeks. They are in the process of trying again. Oct 2011..

How do you work out how many weeks pregnant you are My last period was on the 27th Sept 08 and I started to try for a baby around 5th Oct How can I work out how many weeks pregnant I am Thanks?

Well doctors consider week one of pregnancy to be the week of your period, even if you are not technically pregnant yet. I know it sounds weird but that is just how they do it.

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