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How many windows does the Capitol have?

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There are 658 windows on the U.S. Capitol and 120 of the windows are on the dome alone. There are 365 steps from the basement of the Capitol to the top of the dome.

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How many stained Glass windows are in the Denver Capitol?

the answer is 34 in the Denver Capitol.

How many stained glass windows are there in the capitol building in denver?

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How many capitol buildings has Illinois had?

There are six capitol buildings.

Capitol of turkey?

Ankara is the capitol of Turkey. Many, many years ago, it was Istanbul.

How many rooms are in the United Kingdom capitol?

The UK doesn't have a 'capitol' building. The 'capitol' is specific to Washington.

Did the capitol building have stairs if yes how many?

Did the capitol building have stairs?If so how many stairs

How many senators are there in the capitol of the US?

There are 100 senators in the us capitol!

How many rooms are in the US Capitol Building?

The US Capital Building has 540 rooms and 658 windows, 850 doors. The building has five levels including the dome.

How many floors is the capitol building?

There are 5 floors in the U.S. Capitol Building.

How many miles is it from Laredo Texas to Chicago Illinois?

1399.13 Miles from capitol to capitol.

How many people live in the us capitol?

None. The capitol is the building where Congress meets.

How many chapels are in the capitol building?


How many capitol buildings have there been in Texas?

As of December 2011, Texas has had four capitol buildings that have housed the government.

How many capitol buildings in the us?

If you count all the state capitols that is 50 and the federal capitol makes it 51.

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How many miles is it from the White House to the US Capitol?

It is less than 2 miles from the White House to the U.S. Capitol.

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How many steps from the Washington monument to the capitol?


How many columns does the capitol dome sit on?


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When is it al in the word capitol?

Use -ol when it's the building. The US Capitol is located on Capitol Hill. Many other state capitol buildings are also located on hills. There's also Capitol Records which has the US Capitol as its logo. Use -al for everything else: state capital, capital punishment, venture capital, capital letter, capital idea

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