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4, Why? More stabilization, helps it fly straight up.

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Q: How many wings does a bottle rocket need to have?
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Does a bottle rocket need whater?


Does a bottle rocket need to have water?


How many bottles do you use for a bottle rocket?

You need 17 bottles. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do rockets have wing?

A rocket is a form of propulsion. If a rocket is used to power an airplane, it is referred to as a rocket-plane, and has wings like an airplane. It the rocket is use to propel a vehicle vertically, which does not need wicgs to provide lift, it is called simply a rocket. Sometimes fins are used to stabilize or guide a rocket in flight, but these are referred to as fins rather than wings.

How much water do you need for a 2liter bottle rocket?

i think about 220 would be a good amount

What things do you need to make a water rocket?

Water, an empty plastic bottle and an air pump.

What supplies will you need to make a bottle rocket'?

2 litter soda bottlestennis ballduck tapescissorsfinsmarkerswire

Why do you need water in a bottle rocket?

water is needed to keep the air in until the water is expelled out.

What do you call the wings of the rocket?

Rockets do not have wings.However rockets need a means of stabilization and control, this can be done two ways:thruster controlsfins (this will only work while the rocket is in the atmosphere)With thruster controls the rocket engine thrust may be varied, the rocket engine nozzles may gimbal, or auxiliary thrusters may be used.What you are probably thinking of is the fins, which can be either fixed or movable. But they have no lift and are not wings and as stated above many rockets totally lack any fins.

How is a rocket different from a bird?

birds are alive and rockets dont need air to fly birds have wings and rockets have tail fins

What materials should you use to make a nose cone?

You would need 6 to 7 construction papers to make a nose cone on a bottle rocket. You would also probably need scissors and a ruler for measurement. You would also need tape for taping on the construction paper. Then just shape the construction papers into a cone and tape it on the bottle rocket.

How many wings do you need to serve 70 people?