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Ariana Grande got her ears pierced when she was a baby. The exact date has not been made public knowledge.

it was made in 2014 in the month of july

No. Ariana Grande doesn't have any children.

Ariana Grande has released 2 albums, "Yours Truly" and "My Everything", as well as the "Christmas Kisses" EP and 12 singles. (November, 2014)

Not sure if SHE made it, it was probably other song writers..

Singer Ariana Grande is currently following about 68,500 people on Twitter, so it definitely is possible to get her as a follower. Maybe you could send her a thoughtful DM about how she has impacted your life, or send her some fan-made art. Just remember to be respectful and kind!

Ariana Grande loves very girly clothes. She's inspired by retro style, mostly from the 50s and 60s. She uses to wear a lot of bows and light pink clothes. Her style is mostly made of cute little dresses and high heels. She always wears happy colors, especially pastels.

well in the music video that they made together they kissd but i think there friends with benifits but they are not going out and the music video is called THE WAY

No,she not a virgin anymore.because she made a song 'Best Mistakes' thats mean she ever having sex with someone else. But i still love her

16 Wishes, the TV movie, was made in 2010.

Ariana Grande actually volunteered to dye her hair her intense magenta/red color. Dan Schneider wanted someone on the show to have NOT have brown hair, but everyone else on the show such as these celebrities do: Victoria Justice(Tori Vega) Daniella Monet(Trina Vega) Leon Thomas III(Andre Harris) Elizabeth Gillies(Jade West) & Avon Jogia(Beck Oliver). Ariana Grande, a.k.a., Cat Valentine, is truly the only person on the show that doesn't have brown hair. It would have been pretty annoying seeing all Brunettes. Think about how in Icarly, if Sam had brown hair! See the related link below for a picture of Ariana Grande with brown hair.She dyed her hair red to play Cat on Victorious. Dan Schneider, the man who made the show, didn't want a bunch of brunettes in the show and he decided that Cat will have red velvet hair.

Building foundation is made of cement

I think you mean Give it Up, if you're wondering Jade (Elizabeth Gillies) and Cat (Ariana Grande) performed that song for the show and performed it in front of the snobby girls at Karaoke

I think it would be Ariana Grande, her co-star in Victorious, the broadway prduction of 13 and Winx Club (Nick version). They have also made various youtube videos and sing a deut on the Victorious soundtrack!

Foundation of buildings are made wider because the area of foundation is increased to reduce the pressure exerted by walls.

She played Charlotte in the Broadway musical '13', as well as Princess Diaspora from the Winx Club. She made a voice appearance on Family Guy. She played "Cat' in Sam & Cat.

Riprap is a foundation made from irregular stones.

Naturally the salaries of Nickelodeon starts aren't released to the public, but with some web searching I found information on one. Ariana Grande made $9000 an episode for Victorious earning additional thousands from her musical contributions.

no. what made you think that?

Casa Grande basically means big house. There are plenty of those around.

Foundation is made out of mainly pig oil. It also contains millions of different chemicals that aren't good for your face.

I know she sings grenade. :) born this way express your self mash up ABC Mike Jackson tribute and a billy Joel cover She Just Made A New Song Called Put Your Hearts Up! It Will Come Out On December 20th (2011)

Yes. It's called the "Born This Way" Foundation and she made it with her mom.

Ariana is very charitable for such a young star. Most notably, Ariana co-founded a charity of her own. Here is an excerpt from the accredited fan page:"Ariana never forgets where she came from either and continues to give back. She co-founded the youth singing group Kids Who Care in South Florida, which raised over $500,000 for charities in 2007 alone. She also traveled to Gugulethu, South Africa to teach music and dance to children as part of Broadway in South Africa."Ariana has also made celebrity appearances at charity drives, such as Chili's "Create a Pepper Campaign" which benefits St. Jude's hospital.

Yes, she does, in fact, she snore's so bad that she is the loudest snorer on earth. she actually snored so loud which made all of her friends want to take a video of her while she snored and the next morning she watched hereslf snoring that loud and then she laughed so hard

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