How many women are there in the world?

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According to the CIA World Factbook, the total world population is 7,095,217,980 (July 2013 estimate). The ratio is 1.01 males to every 1.0 female.

Total female estimate as of July 2013 is 3,523,843,881.
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Why were so many young men and women eager to enlist in World War 2?

Answer . Not a complete list of course, but some reasons,not in any order would be : Patriotism, adventure, to escape un-employment,escape parental rules,or boredom,need for excitement,chance to travel the world, even in some cases escape the courts and police.\nI think the majority were to fight ( Full Answer )

How many women were involved in World War 2?

Answer . Thousands of women in Britain served in all the armed services, some were pilots ferrying aircraft. Many served with the fire services in the blitz and similar units and they formed the Land Army to work on farms and similar. Of course many replaced men who were conscripted into the arme ( Full Answer )

Did the World War 2 change the role of many women?

It most certainly did. It brought more women into the work force as well as into the military both of which had a dramatic change to the more docile 'Suzie Homemaker' sterotype role of women.

How many women helped or participated in World War 2?

Answer . Different numbers in different countries of course but in the US, 350,000 women joined the Armed Forces and another 6.5 million were at work in the plants and factories. Women in the USSR had the highest population on active military duty.

How many US women fought in World War 2?

\n. \n Women in World War 2 \n. \n. \nWomen were forbidden to be in combat, but that doesn't mean they didn't serve. Thanks to the efforts of a congresswoman from Massachusetts (Edith Nourse Rogers) and a Texas businesswoman and lawyer (Oveta Culp Hobby), women were able to enter the militar ( Full Answer )

How many American women were enlisted as nurses in the US Army in World War 2?

At the time of USA entering WW II fewer than 7000 women wereenlisted as Nurses in US army. However, within six months ofentering war this number swelled to 12000. Many nurses weredecorated with medals like Distinguished Service medal which issecond only to the highest Medal of Honor.

How many women died in World War 1?

As a result of fighting or due to disease etc or just how manywomen died during 1914-1918? The Russians had some women battalions and it is thought between400-2000 died on the front line from both sides. The number raisesmore when you count civilian deaths from the war not directly to dowith fightin ( Full Answer )

In World War 2 how many women contibuted to the war?

Answer . During World War II, almost 50,000 women served in Canada's Armed Services. Over 4,500 women were Nursing Sisters (all officers); 750,000 were in the war industry; 440,000 in civilian labour force and 760,000 on farms. Practically all these women were born before women were declared pers ( Full Answer )

How many women in the world are abused?

Answer . This question cannot be answered because abuse often goes unreported even in our Western countries. Millions of women are abused in the world. China prefers boy babies to girls (just on the news tonight) and Iraq and many other countries are abusive towards their women that don't conform ( Full Answer )

How many women and men in the world?

According to the CIA World Factbook, the total world population is 7,095,217,980 (July 2013 est.). The ratio is 1.01 males to every 1.0 female. Total male estimate as of July 2013 is 3,571,374,099. Total female estimate as of July 2013 is 3,523,843,881.

How many women in the world smoke tobacco?

Over 20 million woman smoke. Its a very bad habit when smoking, its hard to stop when you keep smoking. And also, its bad for woman especially when their pregnant.

How many beautiful women are there in the world?

There are millions of beautiful women in the world. One of the mostfamous beautiful women was Helen of Troy. She was known as the"face that launched a thousand ships" because she started theTrojan War.

How many women worked in the UK during world war 2?

As in World War One, women played a vital part in this country's success in World War Two. But, as with World War One, women at the end of World War Two, found that the advances they had made were greatly reduced when the soldiers returned from fighting abroad. At the end of World War Two, those wom ( Full Answer )

How many women served in the Canadian Navy during World War 2?

"Between 1942 and 1945, 7,122 women served with the RCN; their determination was instrumental in the Allies' victory at sea." This quote comes from the following site: Another source is here:

How many women play cricket in the world?

There are more than ten countries with international women's cricket teams. ICC holds a championship tournament for women's teams every four year.

Many working women lost their jobs after World War 2 because?

WWII GI's were being released from the service, and went after jobs. At the time it was commonly thought that a woman's place was in the home and the man should be the breadwinner. Women had been hired during WWII because there were not enough men to do the work, especially with so many men in the ( Full Answer )

How many men and women are there in the world?

According to the CIA World Factbook, the total world population is 7,095,217,980 (July 2013 est.). The ratio is 1.01 males to every 1.0 female. Total male estimate as of July 2013 is 3,571,374,099. Total female estimate as of July 2013 is 3,523,843,881.

How many women died in World War I?

While the records from the era are incomplete, it is estimated thatover 400 military nurses from American died in World War I. Nursingand ambulance driving were the only positions allowed women at thattime.

How many black women in the world?

Answer: 1.75billion --- Answer: 1.75 billion is WRONG. There is just over half a billion black women. Explanation: There are only 6.8 billion people on the planet 15% are black, that's just over 1 billion total (including men) The ratio of male to female is 10 to 9 (10 women f ( Full Answer )

How many man and women is there in the world?

Honestly that's a question that would never be answered! just for the fact there is more than a million more people born a day!.. im sure it will be impossible to find out!.. but good question im sure everyone is wondering the same thing! There are about 6 billion people in the world. So, it is a ( Full Answer )

How many Russian women snipers in World War 2?

This question has been in the question pool for a while so I decided I would try to find an answer for you. I found some Ukrainian Russian women who were snipers in World War 2. It is on the link below.

How many women got sent to the World War 2?

350,000 women in the US served in World War 2. Other countries had women in their forces too. Not all the women went to the front because some had to stay back home to care for the wounded, shuttle planes, do the work the soldiers left at the bases and other chores. But, most went to all the fronts. ( Full Answer )

How many women abusers are there in the world right now?

There are no true statistics on how many women abusers there are in even in one country and certainly not in the world because abused men, children or the elderly seldom report that women abuse them. It was always thought for decades that females were the weaker sex and that men were the ones that i ( Full Answer )

How many women left the their jobs after World War 1?

It is not so much left as much as lost. The difficulty with a figure is it was a staggered process, and the official figures won't account for everyone. One figure is three-quarters of a million laid off by November 1919, although this seems to only account for women who were directly working for t ( Full Answer )

How many US women fought in World War II?

lots but I'm guessing not as many as the boys. boys were put in the war first so tons of boys and less girls I'm also going to guess this percentage. 75% of boys 25% of girls. that's a guess don't take it seriously. I'm guessing after all. Second Answer: 300,000 women served in World War 2 as nurses ( Full Answer )

How many US women fought in world war you?

300,000 US women joined up in the military branches of the US Forces but NOT TO FIGHT in combat. They did clerical jobs, nursing, flying planes and other terrific jobs in the military then.

How many women were working on the front line in World War 2?

It's difficult to say as the lines moved and unlike WW1 weresometimes difficult to identify. A number of women, nurses anddoctors, were caught up in combat, especially in the Pacific, andit was not uncommon in the Atlantic theater.

Why did many working women lose their jobs after world war 2?

During the war, many men had entered the military, and the shortage of workers meant women were offered jobs they previously would not have been- mechanics, welders, airplane builders. When the war ended, so did much of the wartime weapons production. Men were also returning from military service, a ( Full Answer )

What new role did many women play in world war 1?

Some women worked as wound healers, they would heal the men bruised or badly hurt. Factories would not have survived had it not been for women. Women took over the jobs of the men who were away at war until they came home.

What if there were no women in the world?

If there had never been any women to begin with? In that case, there wouldn't be a human race at all. We are complex organisms who can only reproduce sexually. If all of the women just suddenly disappeared today? Considering the scientific advances we've made, the remaining men could probably keep ( Full Answer )

How did world war 2 affect many women?

WW2 made many women become indapendent. Actually, During World War Two, the main world powers at the time practiced a total war effort. Because of this, Everyone in a country would be put to work creating resources for the war. Women included. Because of this, women were eventually more equal with ( Full Answer )

How many women was involved in World War 1?

At the time females were not allowed to battle, so they would have to disguise themselves, an exact number would be impossible and even a basic estimate would be challenging.

How many Canadian women armed forces died in world war 2?

None were killed by enemy action. Of the 156 Canadian Womens' ArmyCorp members who served in northwest Europe (an additional 46served in Italy), four were wounded by a V-2 strike on Antwerp in1945. (There were also CWACs in England, and in Washington DC).There were perhaps some deaths due to acciden ( Full Answer )

How many times have England women football team won world cup?

The England women's football team have never won a world cup,although they did come third in 2015. They agonizingly lost 2-1 toJapan in the semi-final with a last minute own goal followed by aconsoling 1-0 victory over Germany in the third place play-off.

How many women menstruate at the same time in the world?

Some rough figures... 7,000,000,000 people on the planet =3,500,000,000 women. 70% of those will be either pre-pubescent orpost-menopausal. Leaving 1,050,000,000 possibilities. Divide thatby the number of days in a year - and you get the average figure of 2,874,743