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to make a boat on minecraft you need to use 5 wooden planks.

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Q: How many wooden planks do you need to make a boat on minecraft?
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How do you craft items in Minecraft?

Get wood and make wooden planks in your inventory. Use 4 wooden planks to make a crafting bench. Minecraft Wiki has a lot of crafting recipes.

What shall you make on minecraft?

first of all wooden planks

How do you get a chest on Minecraft?

Make a ring of wooden planks in your crafting table. (8 wooden planks, 16 for double chest)

How do you make a doat in minecraft?

i think u mean boat. u make a boat by placing wooden planks on the bottem row of a crafting table and 2 on the right and left of the middle

How do you craft a bowl in minecraft pe?

make a bucket out of wooden planks.

What does 8 wooden planks and 1 diamond make in minecraft?

8 wooden planks and 1 diamond makes a jukebox on Minecraft. You can play music discs that you find using this.

How many planks and sticks are needed to make a wooden axe in minecraft?

2 sticks and 3 planks.

How do you make a boat in minecraft?

you need 5 wooden planks. fill the bottom row with planks. then, put 2 planks (the last 2) on the sides in the middle row.You'll need five wooden planks.Recipe:O OOOOLegendO = Wooden PlanksTo use a boat, walk over to an area of water, then right click to place the boat in the water, then right click on the boat to get this while using crafting benchyou need no wooden planks at the top lineon the middle line one at each sideand full at the botem

How you make wooden hoe on Minecraft?

It is made of two wooden planks and two sticks. The recipe is this: W=Wooden Planks S=Sticks W W S S

How do you make jukebox minecraft?

You need 8 wooden planks and 1 diamond. Put the diamond in the middle of a crafting table, and put wooden planks around them.

How do you make planks sticks on Minecraft?

In the crafting table put the planks in this order:X=Blank spot Y= Wooden planksXXXXYXXYX

How do you make planks into sticks on minecraft?

Place Wooden Planks in the following configuration. EEE EWE EWE Where E is an empty space. Two units of wooden planks creates 4 sticks.