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95,674 words in the English copy that I have.

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Q: How many words are used in the book The Hobbit?
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Where can you get a copy of The Hobbit?

The Hobbit has been in print since its first publication. There are a variety of editions available. New copies can be purchased in any book store, and used copies are available on line or at most used book stores. I've seen them at garage sales, library used book sales, and flea markets.

How many uneque words in book of Mormon?

There are 5,630 unique words in the Book of Mormon. This does not include words used multiple times.

How many words are used in and epic book?

About 120,000 words or 300 pages

What are rune letters in the book 'The Hobbit'?

elvish letters designed for engraving in stone. However at the time of the hobbit and LOTR they are mostly used by dwarves.

How many different words are used in The Cat in the Hat?

There are 255 different words in the book.

How many times are the words dwarf and dwarves used in The Hobbit?

Too many times to count, and I doubt that anyone has ever tried. Unless they are dwarf-crazy, which I doubt...

How many words are in the book Green Eggs and Ham?

There are 702 words but only 50 DIFFERENT words used in the book Green Eggs and Ham.

What does Gandalf mean when he tells Bilbo at the end of the book that he is not the hobbit he once used to be?

Bilbo's personality and outlook on life have been completely changed

How many times is the word thanks used in the book of Mormon?

The words "thank", "thanks", and "thanksgiving" are used in 38 verses in the Book of Mormon. Many of these verses contain the word more than once.

What is a glossary of a book?

A glossary is a list of words used in a book and their definitions.

How will the Arkenstone help in The Hobbit?

the Arkenstone helped the hobbit because he used it to make peace with the village men

Is the term Hobbit copyrighted?

No. Names, titles, and common words/phrases are not eligible for copyright protection. Additional information: The word 'hobbit' was none of those when first used in J.R.R. Tolkien's novels, and, as such, is a trademark owned by the Tolkien estate.

What's the world called in 'The Hobbit'?

The world of J.R.R. Tolkien in which his books The Hobbitand The Lord of the Rings are set is called Arda. Middle-earth is actually a continent in Arda, but the name has been used to refer to the whole fictional world. (IIRC, the world is not given a name in the actual Hobbit book itself, since Tolkien only integrated the Hobbit into his older Middle-earth world after he has already written it.)

Which part of a book gives you meanings of words used in a book?


How many times is word mentioned in the book of Mormon?

The word "word" (or "words") is used in 790 verses in the Book of Mormon. In many of these verses, it is used more than once.You can see a list of verses from the Book of Mormon which contain the word "word" by clicking this link.

What is the statistics of the book of Genesis?

It would be a collection of things relating to the book, like how many chapters has it got, how many words are there, how many times does each letter occur, how many times different words occur, what is the most frequently used word and/or letter. Things like that are statistics.

Who is Gollum from The Hobbit and where does he live?

He lives in the misty mountains. He used to be a hobbit-like creature, but when he got hold of the ring, it changed him.

Do you put a hyphen between the words used and book?


What is a glossary used for?

A glossary is a dictionary at the back of a book, defining words found in that book.

Which part of a book allows you to look up the meanings of words used in the book?

The glossary

What is the vocabulary in things fall apart?

The vocabulary is the set of words used in the book Things Fall Apart. Most of the words are English, but many are from the Igbo language.

Thirty white horses on a red hill First they champ then they stamp then they stand still What is it?

Teeth, or teeth and gums.This was a riddle used by Bilbo Baggins in the book The Hobbit

Do the words book reading have a hyphen?

When used as a noun phrase, no. When used as an adjective, yes.Examples:I am going to attend a book reading.You book-reading nerd!

How many times is marriage mention in the book of Mormon?

the word marriage is only used once in the book of Mormon, but marriage is referred to elsewhere in the book using other words and phrases, like "taking a wife".

4 A book from the Middle Ages that had many illuminations and was used to teach?

th book that was used is my butt book hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!