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There are more than 50 words in the "A" section. But no one knows how many words are in in the "A" section.

It depends on the dictionary you select. The one I used contains 10,366 words that begin with the letter A.

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Q: How many words in the dictionary start with the letter A?
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How many words in the dictionary start with the letter w?

3,606 in Webster's Second International 5,611 in the Scrabble dictionary

How many words start with the letter H?

Check in the dictionary, to see how many H's in there...OK?

How many to letter words start with v?

If you mean, "two-letter words that start with 'v", there are none in either the Scrabble dictionary, or Webster's Second International.

All tagalog words that starts with letter a?

There are many words within the Tagalog language that start with the letter a. One can purchase a Tagalog dictionary for a complete list of words.

How many words beginning with Y are in the German dictionary?

According to the Duden dictionary (the official German dictionary,) there are seventy entries for the letter Y.The "Y" sound in German comes from the letter "J" Most German words that start with a "Y" are imports like Yacht, Yen, or Yard. The letter "Y" is called Ypsilon in German.

How many words start with the letter x and their meanings?

I don't know how many words start with X altogether, but I had an art project in high school where I had to paint things that began with the letter X. I just went through the dictionary. Try for answers.

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Count them in a Spanish dictionary

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236 according to a nearby dictionary

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How do you make an acrostic poem with the letter C?

To make a good acrostic poem, you need to think of words that start with the letter you want, and that mean something to the topic or title of your poem. Use a thesaurus or dictionary to find many words which start with C - depending on the topic, you can have thousands of words to choose from!

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934 according to the New Oxford American Dictionary

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