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How many work days in a year for a job working 4 days a week?


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4 (#ofdaysaweek)*4(#ofweeks)=16 days a month

16*12(#ofmonths)=192 days a year.


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The number of working days depends on the company you work for. How many paid holidays are there? Are they open 5 days a week or 6 or 7 days a week?

It depends on how many days a week they have to work.

Based on a standard 5 day working week, there would be 50 work days in 10 weeks.

How many days do actors have to work per week?

Friday is weekly holiday for Muslims. Accordingly the work week start by wither Saturday (for those working for six days a week) or Sunday (for those working five days a week). The majority work five days/week.

There are 5 days in a work week in most countries.

Depending on the industry, there are six working days in Iran per week. Most people work six days per week and the day off is generally Monday or Tuesday.

Not sure what you are asking? But a working day is usually 8 hours.

It depends on which days they work

Different countries have different laws, so it depends on where in the world you are working.

Pediatricians typically work 60 hours a week, working 9-12 hour shifts. Approximately 4 days a week.

In the U.S., either 2,088 hours or 1,928 hours is often used as a standard work year for HR purposes. The latter figure accounts for 20 work days of annual leave. Full year (no leave) Work hours -- 2,088 Work week -- 52.2 Work days -- 261 Full year (with 4 week leave) Work hours -- 1,928 Work week -- 48.2 Work days -- 241

5.5 days mon to fri= full day sat = half day work sun= sleep in :)

There are 7 days in a week but only 5 days in a business week, also called a work week.

Most veterinarians work 5-6 days a week, 50-52 weeks a year. This will depend on the practice the veterinarian is working at, though.

They earn as many days as they work, which is usually four or five days per week.

It will depend on the working policy of the employer whether a waiter can work 7 days a week if not over 40 hr.

Working 24 hours 7 days a week,

The number of working days varies, depending on whether you work 5 or 6 days a week, and the number of holidays. Also, as you may already know, months come in different lengths. But I think that, assuming a 5-day week, 20 working days a month is a good approximation; you can base your calculations on that.

Pediatricans can work up to 60 hours a week

It depends, but generally firefighters work 56hours a week.

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