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as much as a donkey dances like a potato chip badger

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Q: How many workhouses were there in Victorian times?
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How big where workhouses in Victorian times?


Who invented the Victorian workhouses?


How would children escape from the workhouses in Victorian times?

you couldn't although one boy managed it in 1845

When did Victorian workhouses get closed down?


What do workhouses have to do with the Victorian era?

none of your buissness

A fact about the Victorian workhouses?

they had lunch at twelve to one

Why were there Victorian workhouses?

In a Victorian work house children, adults and elderly went to work in a workhouse if they were poor or badly ill. If they broke the rules then they would be put in a cage in a dark room, fined of even put into prison!

What did people wear in Victorian workhouses?

In the Victorian workhouse times the poor people had to wear a uniform so the outside knew they were poor and knew they were from the workhouse.

What time did people sleep in the Victorian workhouses?

they woke up when ever they wanted to

When were Victorian workhouses opened?

The first Victorian workhouse was built in North London in 1823 and there was more children than adults working there

What did they in in Victorian workhouses?

I'm pretty sure that adults and children are separate and they eat gruel:)

Who lived and worked in a work house in Victorian times?

Workhouses were where poor people who had no job or home lived. They earned their keep by doing jobs in the workhouse. Also in the workhouses were orphaned (children without parents) and abandoned children, the physically and mentally sick, the disabled, the elderly and unmarried mothers.