How many yards are in eight square yards?

Whereas a yard is a unit of length, a square yard is a unit of area. Therefore, one cannot ask how many yards are in a square yard because the units are incompatible. Perhaps you meant to ask How many square feet are in eight square yards. Since there are nine square feet in a square yard, eight square yards equals 72 square feet. There is another unit for measuring a volume of topsoil, stone, or cement. It, too, is called a yard but is really a cubic yard. It is an amount of material that will fill a 3' x 3' x 3' space. It is equivalent to 27 cubic feet. You can see how this could lead to confusion. Perhaps you wish to cover an area of eight square yards of ground with topsoil or mulch or stone -- whatever. The material is sold by the yard, but that yard (a unit of volume) is not the same as the square yard you used to measure the area of the ground. The question would then become How many yards of dirt do you need to cover an area of eight square yards? Which prompts the question How deep do you want it?