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There are 1760 yards in one mile. There are 5280 feet in a mile. One yard is 3 feet.

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1mile equals how many yards?

1760 yards

How many yards are in 1mile?

1 mile = 1760 yards.

How many yards make 1mile?


How many yards in hal f a mile?

we know ,that miles can be converted to yards. now, 1mile =1760 yards . half a mile is =880 yards.

How many yard are in 1mile 3000 feet?

There are: 1760+1000 = 2760 yards

How many yards are in 2000 miles?

There are 1760yards in 1mile so 1760x2000=3520000yards

5280 yards equal to 1mile?

No because 5280 yards equals 3 miles

Is 595 yards is more than 1mile?

1 mile = 1,760 yards. That's more than 595 yards.

Which one is bigger 1 mile or 881 yards?

1 mile = 1,760 yards Therefore, 1 mile is bigger. 1mile>881 yards

How many miles are in 872 yards?

872yards x 3ft/1yard x 1mile/5280ft = 109/220 = .495 miles

How much 1mile?

1760 yards/ (AdamCsernik's addition) 1.6 kilometers/1600 metres

Which is shortest 1mile 2000 yard or 5000 feet?

2000 yards would be shortest

How long is a 1mile race in distance?

1,760 yards - or 5,280 feet or 63,360 inches.

Is 1670 yards more than 1mile?

Yes. 5,280 feet equal a mile. Yards are bigger than feet,so yes.

How many is 1mile?


Choose the ratio that you would use to convert 2 200 yards to miles Remember that there are 1 760 yards in one mile?


How many acres are in a square 1mile long by 1 mile wide?

A square mile is 3,097,600 square yards and one acre is 4840 square yards, so there are 640 acres (3,097,600/4840) in a square mile.

How many feet are there in 1mile?


How many pounds in 1miles?

how many pounds in 1mile

1mile is how many feet?

5280 feet

How many meters are in 1mile?

Close to 1600m

How many feet in 1mile?

There are 1,760ft in a mile.

How many miles is it from Hawaii to the Caribbeans?


1mile is equal to how many meter?

1609.344 m

How many feet equals 1mile?

5280 feet

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