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If you are talking about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy,

It takes 7 to 9 years after you can file bankruptcy again.

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Q: How many year after you file bankruptcy can you file bankruptcy aging?
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What year did you file bankruptcy?

howard van ottrix sr

How many year before you can file bankruptcy again?

Chapter 7 every 7 years, Chapter 13, as needed.

Can file bankruptcy second time after one year of bankruptcy?

No. You would have to wait seven years to file again for Chapter 7 and four to file again for Chapter 13. The article below goes into more detail on filing for bankruptcy a second time.

List of company in the Philippines that file for bankruptcy?

The list of companies their file bankruptcy in the country of Philippines can be obtained from the business oversight office in Manila. The list is compiled each year.

If had gambling winnings then lost them can you file bankruptcy file bankruptsy?

Whether or not you lost money gambling has nothing to do with bankruptcy. The question is whether or not you can pay your bills. Do you make Twenty thousand a year and owe two hundred thousand? Are bill collectors at your door day and night? Then you file bankruptcy.

In what year did WorldCom file for bankruptcy?

WorldCom filed for bankruptcy in 2002. At the time, it was the largest bankruptcy ever, with $107 billion in assets. This almost twice as much as that of Enron Corp.

Can lawer file bankruptcy?

Yes, many lawyers have in the increasingly competitive market, with more than 80,000 new layers graduating every year.

Is it safe to do credit card cash advances before file bankruptcy?

Not really. Cash advances can and will be scrutinized by the bankruptcy Trustee for up to ONE YEAR prior to your bankruptcy filing date. If you take a cash advance and then file bankruptcy, that portion of your debt may not be discharged, on top of having to account for why you took it and what you spent the money on.

You own a condo in Florida work in New York and live in New Jersey what state should you file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy must be filed in the state in which you reside for the majority of the year.

When can you refile bankruptcy after a previous bankruptcy discharge?

Under the Bankrputcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act of 1995, an eight year period must go by before a person is allowed to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy again.

What year did Ultimate Electronics first file for bankruptcy?

Ultimate Electronics filed for bankruptcy the first time in 2006. They liquidated and ceased operations in 2011, near the height of the recent recession.

How long should a person wait after a chapter 13 bankruptcy is dismissed to file income taxes for that year to guarantee to receive the refund?

You have to file your income taxes yearly regardless of whether you have filed for bankruptcy or not. Yes, IRS may garnish your refunds to pay toward your debts. If your bankruptcy is over however, you don't have to worry about that.

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