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== == If the company is willing to pay a small extra fee to the state, they can get a driver's ENTIRE driver HISTORY, from the first day they were granted a driver's license, in that state. It is a public record, open to any one who wishes to read it.

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Q: How many years back can a company look at DMV points?
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When you look at your driving record and you have 6 points lost for a DUI how long does it take to get those points back?

3 r 4 years

How far can a insurance co. go back on claims to be able to cancell your hame owner insurance?

Each company is free to set it's own underwriting guidelines. Most companies look back 5 years, others look back only 3 years. But it's really up to the company.

How long do accidents stay on your insurance in Alabama?

I believe it depends on the insurance company. Some will look as far back as five years and some will look at up to about 3 years.

Can you get your insurance company to look back and reevaluate a claim they denied years ago?

You may be able to but it isn't very likely.

Will California based company's check for felony that are 10 years?

There's asolutely NO way of telling. Prospective employers are entitled to look as far back in you criminal history as they choose.

How far back can insurance look on your driving record in Virginia?

They can look as far back as they want to. Though most will only look for 5 years.

How many years does the USPS look back on driving record?

how many years does the usps go back on driving record

How far back will insurance companies check a new Cdl holders licence?

They'll obtain a copy of your seven year MVR, but it's three years they'll look back as far as points are concerned. However, if you had a DUI three years and a month or whatever ago, it's still going to raise red flags.

Investigative consumer reports. how many years back do thay look And can thay look at your criminal record as well?

10 years

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Do insurance companies consider demerit points?

In Canada, Insurance companies look at your risk points not demerit points. However, there is a general rule that more serious offences carry some or more demerit points than minor offences. Insurance companies generally classify offences in 3 different categories. (Some use more) They are minor, major, and serious. The offence itself will describe the conduct of driving to the insurance company, not the points. Demerit points will be on your record for 2 years from the day of offence and are not recorded until you're convicted. So if it took you a year to go to court, they'd only be on for another year. The conviction remains on your record for 3 years. 2 years after the points have been deleted. Your insurance company only needs the offence to calculate your premiums.If you need any assistance or more info if you have a traffic ticket, you can go to for help.

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How far back does progressive look at your driving record in sc?

Three years.

What is look back period in visitors travel insurance?

The pre-existing look back period for a travel insurance policy is the number of days that the insurance company will “look back” to determine if a claim is related to a pre-existing condition. The look back period is generally between 60 and 180 days prior to the travel insurance policy's purchase date depending on the policy selected.

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How far back can car insurance look on your driving record?

Your question most likely depends on the state. In MA they can look back 6 years. Your best bet is to go with a car insurance company that will not do a record check before giving you a quote. 4autoinsurancequote does not check records, and I'm sure other sites do as well. A Google search will probably return a few results.

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How many years back do restaurant background checks go?

There is no standard answer to this question. Employers can look as far back (or not) as they wish when hiring employees. Some states attempt to limit the "look-back" time, but realistically it makes no difference.

Can a felon purchase auto insurance?

Yes, all auto insurance companies care about is your DMV records for a set period of time. Usually its either 35 months they look back or 5 years, depending on the company. If you do have a felony DMV traffic violation with in that time, then you would need to find a non-standard company to insure you

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How long do you keep a DUI on your record?

I think most states say ten yearsAnother View: Your drivers record is a permanent record of your entire driving career. Points may come and points may go, but the record of your traffic offenses remains forever. Your insurance may choose to only look back a certain number of years.DUIs also go on criminal records. These are forever.

You have worked for 6 years in transportation and you have resigned because of lost licence now you got licience back and employer refuse to re-employement you with the same company what should you do?

Look for a position else where, the company you worked for has no obligation to rehire you. You lost your license that is not their fault that is your fault. they would not have an interest in employing someone who lost their license even once.