How many years can a jaguar live?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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12-15 yrs

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Q: How many years can a jaguar live?
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How long can a jaguar animal live?

They can live up to 25 years.

Does a jaguar live in a pack or in a family unit?

Females will live with her cubs for up to two years. However, the jaguar is generally a solitary animal.

How many years does it take for a baby jaguar to become an adult jaguar?

About two to three years.

How long do Jaguar live in the wild?

12-15 years

How long does a baby jaguar live with its mother?

2 years

How long does the jaguar live in captivity?

they live in captivity from bettween 20-25 years

How long is a jaguar's life?

a jaguar can live up to 11-12 years in wild and over 20 years in captivity. i got it off of

How long does a jaguar live?

They live from about 15-20 years in the wild and live up to 30 years in the zoo. The jaguar has a potential lifespan of about twenty years,but most don't make it that long in the wild.Jaguars live dangerous lives,and wounds can become infected,weakening the animal,to a point where hunting becomes difficult.Jaguars fight over territory as well,and the potential for getting injured or even killed is always there.In its years it has to be 58 years old for it to die but in our years it will die at 20 years old. By:Ciara Roman

How long can a jaguar live?

In the Zoo for 20 years! And, 11-12 in the wild!

Is it true that a jaguar can live for about 15 to 20 years?

Almost right. In the wild Jaguars can live to around 12 - 15 years whereas in captivity they may live a few years more.

Does a Jaguar live on land or water?

A jaguar? The cat? They live on land

In what type of environment does an jaguar live?

Jaguar's live in Rain forests and Jungles.