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Q: How many years did president ford serve as president?
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How many years did President Eisnhower serve as President?


How many years are in a president and vice president serve?

4 years

How many years did President ford serve in office?

Term of Office: August 9, 1974 - January 20, 1977

How many terms can a president serve in the White House?

A president can serve two presidential terms of four years. Altogether, he/she can serve eight years as president.

How many years does the president of mexico serve for?

6 years

How many years can the president serve where is it in the constitution?

ten years

How many years is a president allowed to serve?


How many full years can a president serve?


How many years can a president of india serve?


How many years is a president allowed to serve for?


How many years can one serve as an American president?

8 years

How many years can the President serve Why is there a limit to how many terms a person can be President?

The president can serve up to eight years, which is two terms. A term is four years. A limit has been set, so our government will not become a dictatorship.