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How many years does it take to become a neurologist?


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about 11-14 years It takes pre-med to start. Then you can enter into a University after having all of your pre-requisit classes (2 years). Then you typically finish that degree after 2 more years. After that, you had better of worked hard academically and done plenty of community service to get into the major challenge of med. school for 4 years. After finishing med. school (if you are one of the best to get in), you will do 3 to 4 years of resident school or some call intern. Good Luck:) After internship, it takes sometimes up to 4 more years of sub specialty training to become a neurologist.


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To become a neurologist you have to go through the 4 years of undergraduate college and get a bachelors degree. Then 4 years of medical school. And then a 3-8 year internship and residency. You need to pass a medical board exam, or course, and get certified in neurology by each state that you wish to work in.AnswerIt usually takes one undergraduate degree (usually about 3-4 years long), 4 years of medical school, 1 year internship, and 3 years of specialized training in stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders etc. to become a neurologist.

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