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Q: How many years have Nike Jordan been out?
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What celebrities have endorsed Nike shoes over the years?

Nike has been endorsed by many celebrities over the years, but most notably by Steve Prefontaine, Michael Jordan, and Carl Lewis.

Where are Jordan shoes retailed?

Jordan shoes would only be sold at retailers who sell the Nike brand. Michael Jordan teamed up with the Nike brand many years ago, and Nike designs and manufactures all the shoes made with his name on them.

How many shoes do nike and Jordan sell?


How many years have Michael Jordan been in Business?

14 years

Why is nike better than Jordan?

because nike is a bigger name brand and it has many more varietys to choose from

How many years have Jordan Sparks been singing?

almost a year and a half

Who designs the Jordan brand shoes?

Michael Jordan invented the Jordan shoe, but Nike is who currently makes the shoe.

Which shoe brand is more suitable for basketball?

i am a basketball player and use nike brand shoes for several years . that amazing and many nba players use that. i post that brand like if you love you can use it .3% off.

What is Michael Jordan's favorite Jordan shoe?

i have read that his favorite shoes are the 13's idk if this is correct though they should be the 8's they're bad ass! his said he liked the 13's and the 11's but his favorite are the 3's. gotta be the shoes!

How many different logos does Nike use?

Nike's logo is the Swoosh, a large streamlined black tick. Over the years there have been several variations on this; originally the name Nike appeared above the logo, but now the Swoosh generally appears on its own.

How many nike foamposites have been released?

alot of them

How many nike logo colours have there been?