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Q: How many years of school does a lvn have to attend?
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I Am a medical Assistant. I want to be a RN or a LVN. How long does it take for both?

i year for lvn and 2 years 4 rn if u go 4 bach then u get into some school time

What is the difference between the courses for LVN and LPN training?

Entrance to an LVN program requires a high school diploma or GED and the program takes a year to complete. LPN training usually requires an associate's degree or graduation from a nursing program, and these take two years.

Where can I get lvn training in my area?

You can find LVN training in your specific area many ways. One you can look in your local phone book for trade schools. Another way is by looking online. I found one by visiting

Where is the best plave to get Lvn Training in SC?

Aiken Technical College is a highly rated LVN Training school in South Carolina. You can also check online schools like the University of Phoenix. The best place to get lvn training in sc is to apply to South University College of Nursing. The school has online programs and is committed to excellence in education

What are LVN salaries in Tyler Texas?

This is sad to say but I've been an LVN in Tyler, TX for 25 years and make $17.75per hour working as an office nurse.

What comes first RN or LVN?


What type of nurse goes to school for the shortest amount of time?

Lvn-one year esp if it's a private nursing school.

Where might I find an LVN program in my area?

This website can help you locate an LVN program in your area:

How does RN training differ from LVN Training?

RN training takes one to two years longer than LVN training an goes more in depth into nursing skills. LVN's learn basic nursing skills like taking vitals and handling patients. RNs have greater responsibility and more involvement with complex medical procedures. RN training prepares them for this. LVN training is more introductory than RN training. RN training builds on the skills you learn as LVN.

What is LVN graduate scope of practice in CA?

can lvn compound chemo drugs

Where can I get LVN training?

A good source of information on LVN training is or These two sites provide answers to all types of questions that involve LVN training.

Can I take LPN classes at a vocational school, or must it be at a university or college?

LPN classes must be taken at a college or university. LVN classes can be taken at a vocational school.