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Q: How marks are required to pass in physics 11Th std?
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What are facts about mechanical waves?

a wave that is required to pass over a energy of alot of things

What is the length of one cycle of oscillation?

In physics the distance is called wavelength. Period is the time it takes for one wavelength of wave to pass through a given point.

Is conduction faster in denser solids?

Usually conduction is faster in denser solids, because the particles are closer together and so will collide more often and pass energy between them.

How are both frequency and wavelength related in terms of physics?

Frequency is how many waves pass a certain point during an amount of time. Wavelength is the distance between two points. Frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional in Physics. If the distance between the peaks of a wave decreases, the frequency of the wave increases. If the distance is increased, the frequency decreases.

What are all of the different types of physics?

One way to look at this is that there are three basic mediums: solid, liquid and gas. You may want to add plasma as a fourth. These are exciteable mediums. When we study mechanics, we look at mechanical energy and these dynamic mediums. Certainly the material or materials that make up a medium can vary. Air for example. It is composed of a number of gases and other things. But it is treated as a gaseous medium through which sound waves, which are mechanical energy, pass. Sound will pass through solids, liquids and gases, and will suffer varying rates of attenuation. The sun is a ball of plasma, but waves have been seen rippling across its surface. The plasma is a medium across which the wave, which is mechanical energy, can pass. Just like a ripple on a pond. A vacuum might be added to the list, but justification would be thin. Light, which is electromagnetic energy, will pass through a vacuum. No mechanical energy will. There are other criterion for mediums, like mediums for storing, say, digital information. Punch cards or punched tape? Magnetic tape or disc? Optical disc? The physics of data storage is advancing in its ability to hold more date in less space.

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