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Matter changes by the states of matter .

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A physical change does not change the identity of matter.

A change in the state of matter is a physical change.

Matter can change state with a change in temperature or a change in pressure.

A change in a state of matter is a physical change.

The physical change is a change in the state of matter.

Yes, matter can change states after a physical change.

no physical change does not change matter

The change in which no new kinds of matter are formed but the size, shape or state of the matter may change is known as a physical change.

There are 2 kinds of changes,they are physical and chemical changes.Physical Change-is a change in the form of matter but in it's identity.Chemical Change-is a change in which one kind of matter is changed in to a different type of matter.

Nuclear change in matter is when the nucleus of the reacting atom has a change of composition. The types of nuclear change in matter are radioactive decay and nuclear transmission.

Matter can go through change of state. This is a physical change from gas>liquid>solid. So, matter can has a physical change.

When matter undergoes a physical change (like changes in the state of matter), the space between the particles in the matter and how the particles move change.

A physical change is a change in the form of matter but not the chemical composition of it.

The ability to cause change in matter is Energy.

Energy is the ability to cause a change in matter.

During a physical change, the matter of what the substance is made out of doesn't change.

a change in size, shape or the state of matter is a physical change. True for A+.

You describe it as a chemical change. When matter reacts to other matter it is called a chemical change. How about 'Interaction'?

some of the examples of changes in matter that change the character of matter are 1. ice 2.

Temperature. Temperature causes matter to change state.

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