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Not sure for 06,but the total for the three years was 3837.

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How many dodge magnum srt8 were made in 2006?


Why isn't the dodge magnum on dodgecom?

The Magnum is no longer made.

How many dodge 1970 dodge challenger rt se with 383 magnum were made?


How many dodge charger srt 8 cars were made in 2006?

as near as I can find - Estimated total production as of January 31, 2006: 1,900

Is Dodge Intrepid still being made?

No the Intrepid is not being made it was discontinued in after the 2004 model year and was replaced by the dodge magnum/charger

Who made the dodge magnum 3.5L engine?

Dodge, most car manufacturers make their own engines, mainly diesels are out sourced.

When was the movie cars made?


How many 68 Dodge Coronet R-T 440 magnum cars were made with front disc brakes?

I don't know how many were made but I would say they are pretty rare as I worked for a dodge dealer in 68 and only remember seeing 1 R/T that came in that had the disc brakes on it.

What are examples of cars that are not German made?

Chevrolet, Dodge, and ford

When was cars the film made?

It came out in 2006.

What major companies made muscle cars?

ford made the shelby dodge made the charger and ther challenger mainly ford,dodge,chevy

Is Cars a Pixar movie?

Yes. Cars ,which was released in 2006, was made by Pixar Animation Studios.

What was the last year Dodge Vipers were made?

the dodge viper is still being made today and i hope that continues for many years to come because the dodge viper is one of my favorate cars

Where are dodge cars made?

U.S.A., Mexico, and Canada.Currently they're made in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

How many Cars movies has Disney Pixar made?

There have been 2 Cars movies:Cars (released in 2006)Cars 2 (released in 2011)

Which cars are mopar cars?

Mopar is a performance enhancing brand which was most popular in the 60's for muscle cars. Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth are the only cars called Mopar cars. The Chrysler/ Dodge/ Plymouth brands were MOPAR, and they made some of the slickest cars of the 60's- 70's muscle era.

What kind of cars did TVR make?

TVR made sports cars. They were made of tubular steel frames and covered in fibreglass bodywork. The company TVR has not made any new cars since 2006.

Is Honda better than dodge?

Not in my book I think Dodge is better because its American made you gotta like American muscle cars

Who are the brothers who made cars in 1902?

dodge brothers. later to become part of the Chrysler corp

How many Cars movies has Disney-Pixar made?

there are 3, cars has been released (Cars in 2006). Cars, Doc's return. cars 2 was released on nov.1.

What cars do the US make?

Alot of companies say they are "made in America" like ford Gm and dodge, and all of their subcatagories. But the only car fully made and assembeled in the us in the last 5 years was the 2006 Toyota carolla type-R

How many 2006 dodge viper srt10 convertibles were made?

1,504 were made of the 2006 convertible model REF: courtesy of

What is the first magnum gun ever made?

The .357 Magnum was the first gun to use the term magnum.

When where was Browning A5 Magnum 2V 42264 made?

It is a 12ga Magnum made in Herstal Belgium in 1962.

What company manufactures the 2006 Dodge Charger?

The 2006 Dodge Charger is made by Chrysler. It shares much of the same subframe and bodywork but it is marketed separately because it is aimed at a slightly different market.