How may paintings did Claude Monet paint?

Well, in the garden of Giverny he painted more than 250 oil paintings of water lilies and the Japanese bridge. He also painted London parliament and Rouen Cathedral several times as well as several views of haystacks. So well over 3 or 400 I think.

I think more than 2000. He became very old and he painted very quickly. He also destroyed a lot when he was dissatisfied, later in his life. One quote by Monet on this subject:

- I won't be here long, I am working as hard as I can, as I told you (in a letter, fh) yesterday, I am very happy to be here and I hope to come up with something good, in any case I will bring lots of studies back with me so I can work on some big things at home.
* artist quotations from Monet's letter from √Čtretat to his second (future) wife Alice Hosched√©, 1883; as quoted in "Discovering Art, - The life time and work of the World's greatest Artists, MONET"; K.E. Sullivan, Brockhamptonpress, London 2004, p. 51