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The moon circles the earth...

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Q: How may times does the moon circle the sun?
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How many times does the moon circle around the sun?

Once a year since it's in our orbit.

What is a model of sun earth and moon?


How many times do the sun circle the planet?

none the sun doesnt circle the planet planets circle the sun!!!

How many day does it take for the moon to circle around the sun if it could?

What do you mean "if it could"? The Moon does circle the Sun, together with planet Earth. Once a year.

Is the sun the moon and the earth circles?

the earth is a bit flattened but the moon has a brilliant circle

Is the moon as big as the sun?

No. The sun is 400 times the size of the moon.

How many times does the moon circle the earth in the time it takes the earth to circle the sun?

Earth takes 365 days (1 year) to revolve around Sun Moon takes 29.5 days (1 Month) to revolve around Earth So Moon would complete approx. 12 revolutions (that's why we have 12 months) in 1 Year

What is the relative size and distance relationships among the sun earth and moon?

The earth's diameter is 3.67 times the moon's, and 0.0092 of the sun's diameter. The distance to the sun is 391 times the distance to the moon. The moon's diameter is 0.283 of the earth's, and 0.0025 of the sun's. The distance to the earth is 0.0026 times the distance to the sun. The sun's diameter is 109 times the earth's, and 400 times the moon's diameter. On the average over a month, the earth and moon are at equal distances from the sun.

How do moon phases happen?

as the planets and moons circle around the sun, the moon gets less and less light from the sun and the light it gets from the sun is known as the phase.. when the sun hits the whole moon it is a full moon and so on

When is it a full moon?

When the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth. The moon will be a complete circle and visible all night.

Is the earth sun and moon all circles?

the earth is a bit flattened but the moon has a brilliant circle

Is the circle of the sun is twenty-seven times that of the moon?

Not sure what this means. Here are some facts that may help. The moon and the sun appear to be about the same angular size in the sky. This IS a unique kind of thing and is the reason we have such unique solar eclipses. The sun is 400 times wider in diameter than the moon. By RESEARCHING the items in the question, I have come up with this site which should satisfy the question. It is related to Yoga. Peruse the site and come up with your personal conclusions.