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How medical representative convince the doctor?


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June 06, 2012 9:27AM

Medical Representative is an important link in pharmaceutical industry.

During the last 5 years, the image of the MR is going down. MRs are no

longer considered to be knowledgeable and effective communicator. Many

times the MRs undergoes a very rough treatment from doctors. There is an

very common practice to see a MR standing in a queue and detailing to one or

two doctors in hospitals or MRs carrying bag containing gifts and distributing

the same or escorting doctors for a holiday trip. The role of MR basically is to

give medical information to the doctors so that the they can keep themselves

abreast with the latest happenings and help them to improve their practice.

Due to de-emphasizing on training, untrained MR are lowering the image of

company and today the situation is such that doctors do not like to see MR and

sees them only when they are free. The image, which MR had earlier, has gone

down. They are treated like just another salesman!

Pharma company should think on this relevant point so that it not only helps

MR to get better business but also improves company's image.

Consultative detailing can be an ideal communication process in improving the

image of the MR as well as company. It positions MR as a Consultant to the

diseased management.



Consultant to


On Disease



Consultative Detailing

MR can become consultant only when he is fully trained. It is possible if

he develops more detailed knowledge about his product and also prevailing

disease pattern during the season. The consultative detailing can be

implemented in following manners:

Step 1 : The MR should be trained on the product knowledge, mode of action

and how it gives value to doctor and patient.

Step 2 : MR should be informed about the prevailing disease pattern during

the season, e.g. March- September which are months for diarrhoea, March

month also observes more asthmatic attack.


: 2:

Therefore the detailing sequence should be such that this incidence of disease is

reflected in the detailing sequence depending upon the doctors practice and his

patient profile the during the field work.

Step 3 : The detailing should not be monologue and should be dialogued.

Involvement of the doctor is must and that can happen only when the MR

is fully aware of the patient's profile waiting in doctors' clinic based on the

seasonality factors.

Step 4 : He converse with the doctor and gives suggestion on different

medication available and how this medicine can be useful in treating the


Step 5 : During the conversation he try to project himself as a Consultant on

disease management which can be useful to doctors.

The detailing sequence, when based on this consultative selling, is prepared in

such a manner which does not give any intention of being a consultant to the

doctors but projects MR as an aid to the doctor in treating the patients. This

will not create a problem for egoistic doctor and also create a harmonious


Consultative detailing is already in practice in some of the MNC who have

adopted recently. This approach will not only improve the sales call

productivity but also improves the better brand recall, increases image of

the company and MRs. This requires thorough study of marketing scenario

on diseased management and implementing the same through the effective

communication process.

Post 2005 will be crucial for

many companies.

This can

be good approach in not only

improving the productivity but also








productivity can only help the

company to sustain after 2005.

This could be only possible if they

can also make their man different

than just relying on productivity.