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it is smaller

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Q: How might the composition of the moon compare to that of the earth?
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How is the composition of the moon different from Earth's composition?

the moon has a different iron level than the earth because the moon was not formed from the earth .

The composition of the moon mostly resembles?

The composition of the moon mostly resembles the Earth's mantle.

How is the composition of Saturn different from Earth?

Saturn has rings but earth do not have rings. Earth has only one moon, while Saturn has 18 moon.

How did neil Armstrong compare the earth and the moon?

as sisters

How do your masson the moon compare to your mass on earth?


How much time less then gravity of the moon as compare to the earth?

moon's gravity is (1/6)th of the earth's gravity

How lagre is the moon compare to earth?

1/6th the size.

Compare air pressure on earth to air pressure on the moon?

The moon has no air pressure because the moon has no air.

How does the gravitational pool of the moon compare to that of earth?

An object on the surface of the moon weighs about 1/6 as muchas it weighs on the surface of the Earth.

How does the weight of an object on earth compare with it's weight on the moon?

On the Earth, the object weighs 6.04 times as much as its weight on the moon.

What evidence do scientist have of how the moon formed?

They have some information about the age and composition from the moon rocks they brought back. The number of craters and their shape also helps determine age and composition. They know the atmosphere, the total mass, the rotation speed and the distance from earth. All these things help in developing a theory on how the moon was formed. It is widely accepted that the Moon formed from an impact to the Earth, when it was still molten. Evidence of this is from extremely similar composition of the Earth and the Moon, and the fact that the Moon is slowly drifting away from us.

What relative proportions do the earth and moon have compare to each other?

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