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The answer to this question depends on what it is that the scientists are investigating. If, for example, they are investigating sub-atomic particles (eg Higgs Boson at CERN), the tracking different parts of the ecosystem will be of little use.

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Q: How might tracking different parts of the ecosystem over a long time help scientists to answer their research questions?
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How were different groups of scientists involved in the research and discovery of seafloor spreading?


What are the scientists who do research about the ocean called?

They are called oceanographers.

Why do scientists look to the ocean floor to research the mantle?

Why do scientists look to the ocean floor to research the mantle? Because magma from the mantle flows out of active volcanoes on the ocean floor. These underwater volcanoes have given scientists many clues about the composition of the mantle.

What ecosystems were part of Biosphere 2?

1.OceanA million gallons of water was used to create the ocean ecosystem within Biosphere 2, the largest body of saltwater in the country at this elevation. 2.Mangrove WetlandsWetlands that are bordered by shrubs and trees are called mangroves. Mangrove wetlands are located near the ocean coastline. 3. Rain-forestThe rainforest ecosystem within Biosphere 2 is home to over 150 different species of plants. Some species have grown to be over 60 feet tall. 4.Savannah GrasslandScientists are able to research native and invasive plant species within the savannah grassland ecosystem in Biosphere 2. o A fog desert ecosystem--an area not unlike the environment outside the walls of Biosphere--is used to conduct research on drought-resistant plant species within the enclosure.

How do scientists collect evidence?

Scientist collect evidence by doing extensive research. Depending on what they are seeking evidence for, some researches takes an extensive period of time. Basically a research can take a day while others take 10 years or more.

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Who should answer the questions that human subjects might have about the research they are participating in?

a scientists involved in the research.

Advantages of scientific research?

Scientific research provide factual evidence to questions that scientists have. The research can lead us closer to mysteries about the world and galaxies.

Ways in which scientists answer questions and solve problems?

Scientists answer questions and solve problems in various ways. Some of the common ways include research and testing various theories among others.

Scientists use to organize questions and reach conclusions that are backed by scientific evidence and research?

the Scientific Method

Which scientists research medicine?

Medical research scientists.

How were different groups of scientists involved in the research and discovery of seafloor spreading?


What type of scientific research do scientists do in Antarctica?

All science performed in Antarctica seeks to answer questions about the health of planet earth.

What'sthis research question?

There are many different topics that can be turned into a research topic and question. Many people choose to research medical questions.

How scientists solve their problems?

Scientists research the problem and gather data to work out how to solve it. They may do a survey such as a market research survey sent to members of the public who are randomly selected. scientists may also research on the net or in books by different authotrs to get as much and varied information as possible to draw their conclusions.

Why is it necessary for scientists to record and publish their results?

This is a way of letting other scientists know about the different research projects that have been going on. Also other scientists can review the published results.

Can scientists research anything?

of course!! scientists all around the world are in labs, researching different topics from immense to microscopic pieces of information, and are finding new things every day. it is part of the scientific method and, without research, scientists would 9sad to say) be close to no where.

What types of things to scientists study in antarctica?

Disciplines pursued may include biology, botany, atmospherics, glaciology, psychology, geology, astronomy and more. Every funded scientist asks questions based on a better understanding of the health of planet earth.