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It depends on what the bookbinder is doing to earn his or her money.

Simple repair jobs can earn $20-$200 per book, depending on what repairs need to be done, age of the book, etc.

Restoration jobs, if you are well skilled, can earn you anywhere from $400 - $4000 per book, again, depending upon the age of the book, etc.

We also supplement our income by binding: Journals, guestbooks, photo-albums, fancy volumes for sale online, and university thesis binding, as well as binders and minute books for regional city halls and engineering firms.

The average job we take on is about $100 each, and what makes us special is that we will bind one offs, and small print runs. Many larger binderies will only do large print runs, and their income can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, depending on how large they are.

My company earns about $8000/month before overhead and expenses, and employs three part time bookbinders besides myself, for 25 hours/ week.

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Q: How money does an bookbinder make?
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