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MILLIONS From rich people, and por people lost everything.

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How much money did people loss during the great depression?

A lot

Why did the government not help the people during the great depression?

They were depressed and out of money

How much money did people make during the Great Depression?

Nothing they where jobless

How could people pay for their houses during the great depression?

by raising money

Why did so many people end up homeless during the Great Depression?

So many people ended up homeless during the Great Depression becuause they lost there jobs and had no money.

How much money did you earn during the Great Depression?

Not much was earned in the Great Depression.

What problems did people have during the Great Depression?

No Jobs,No money,no Housing,No food,and no vehicles :(

Who did hoover believe should help people during the great depression?

save money

Why did people migrate during the great depression?

they migrated because they were searching for jobs in the west to get money

What did money have to do with the Great Depression?

The great depression was a time where many people could not make much money, and it was hard to make money.

What was the biggest problem during the Great Depression?

=The biggest change during the great depression was the way money is handled. The way money was handled was way different then it is now.=

Why did the banks fail during the great depression?

People kept on getting money after money and the bank didn't have any more money to give out

Why was food scarce during the Great Depression?

Food was scarce during the Great Depression. People did not have money to purchase much food. The crops also failed through natural causes during this same time period.

How can I make an alphabet book of the Great Depression when I can't find a word that starts with Q?

How about this? During the Great Depression, people learned that the QUALITY of life did not depend on how much money they had.

What happened in New Zealand during the Great Depression?

there was no money!

Why did many businesses fall during the Great Depression?

no money

How did blacks earn money during the great depression?

they loved them

Why were the movies the main event during the Great Depression?

During the great depression, many people were depressed. Therefore, in order to keep themselves going movies were a way to have some fun. People in the great depression would commit suicide if they weren't making enough money. People like Babe Ruth entertained people during this time too. Sports were another big event.

What happend during the Great Depression?

Durring the great depression, the economy failed and people lost everything. Most characteristics during the great depression was the widding gape between the "haves" and "havenots". There was also alot of buying on margin or installment buying which was using "fake" money.

Why did businesses close during the Great Depression?

Businesses closed during the Great Depression because they weren't realizing the revenue the needed to remain operational. During this time people weren't working so they couldn't spend money they didn't have.

What were some struggle during the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was an economical crisi that effectd peoples jobs and money. some people had to move from town to ton looking for different jobs.

Why were people in the US hit with hard times during The Great Depression?

The great depression caused these hard times. The depression was when the stock market crashed. This was because a large amount of people sold out their shares at once and there was no more money to go around.

Why did the people of maycomb have no money?

It was the Great Depression era..

What was life like in west during the great depression?

Times were tough, many people killed themselves over the great loss of money

What made unemployment go up during The Great Depression?

Because people started losing money and companies started firing people due to the money loss.

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