How much 8 lbs in pounds?

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8 lbs = 8 pounds
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How much Benadryl can you give a 8 lb dog that is having a reaction to one of her shots?

Answer . \nI would begin with 6.25 mg (1/2 child's dose of 12.5mg)and wait 15-30 minutes. If the swelling has not improved, give an additional 6.25mg. The dog may become sleepy; or sleepy and then excited. Benedryl is a very forgiving drug and it is difficult to overdose with it; however, if you ( Full Answer )

How much weight can you lose in 8 weeks if you are 210 pounds?

Answer . I think they say with diet and excercise you should be able to lose at least 2 pounds a week. I would say that at 210 you should be able to drop 10-15 pounds rather quickly. Depending on height, age and sex. Women tend to lose weight slower and the older you get the harder it is to lose. ( Full Answer )

How much is 8 pounds in ounces?

At 16 ounces per pound, 8 pounds would be 128 ounces. 16 X 8 = 128. 16x8 =answer. 128 ounces

How much should you feed an 8 lb cat?

I always leave dried food in my cats dish (up on a special table where the dogs can't eat her food along with fresh water.) There is no actual need to worry about how much you feed your cat as they just graze and will let you know when they want more. My cat is fed in the morning and at dinner (some ( Full Answer )

How much do you feed your 8 lb poodle?

I'd think 1/2 c food 2 X day, 3/4 of a cup if it is canned, canned looks like more but its not, factor in the water content. My breeder and vet tells me to feed my four month, eight pound puppy 1 1/2 cups of dry puppy food a day, if he wants more, feed it to him up to four hours before bedtime. At ( Full Answer )

What is 8 stone in lbs?

There are 14lbs in one stone. So 14 x 8 = 112 So there are 112 lbs in 8 stone.

8 week old puppy that is 6.5 lb how much should you feed him?

it depends on what kind of dog it is. If it is a big dog, get the food for bigger dogs, and look on the back of the bag for serving amounts. they should have different amounts for the amount it weighs. same for little dogs. Hope this helps!

How much is a lb?

well...... i am not really sure but come on who cares? ppsstt not this girl so... whats your name mines lally

How much is 8 pounds in kilogram?

8 lb = 3.62873 kg 8 lb = 3.62873 kg 8 lb = 3.62873 kg 8 lb = 3.62873 kg 8 lb = 3.62873 kg 8 lb = 3.62873 kg

8 pounds of pennies is how much money?

It depends on the coins' dates. Pennies minted in 1983 and later weigh 2.5 gm. each Pennies minted in 1981 and earlier weigh 3.11 gm. each Pennies minted in 1982 could weigh either amount because the metal composition was changed in the middle of the year.

How much jail time can you get for 8 pounds of marijuana?

Mucho jail time. Hire a good attorney and chances of less jail time become possible.. So, are you planning to proportion how much marijuana you transport to the expected jail time? Even so, it could be expensive considering lost income and life with your family.

How much is 8 stone 9 in pounds?

well:. 14 pounds = 1 stone the 9 is pounds so we have to do 9+(8 stone in pounds) 8 stone is 112 pounds so 9+112=121 pounds 121 pounds

How much weight can you lose in 8 weeks if you are 135 pounds?

What you need is to lose weight naturally and safely. According to a survey, a healthy way to lose weight is gradually and steadily but how to do it is entirely a different matter. Today, there is a new way to lose weight and it became public lately. Health authorities and medical expert dealing wi ( Full Answer )

How much would an 8 lb gold bracelet be worth?

Gold is currently around $1200 USD per ounce. There are 16 ounces in a pound and you have an 8 pound gold bracelet. So 1200 * 16 * 8 = 153,600 USD . If it is pure gold. I believe this is correct.

How do you measure 8 lb of air?

This is more of a science or shop question. To do this you need to use a presurized air system summiter or pass.

How much is 8 gallons in pounds?

About 64 pounds would be the weight. Pounds is a unit of mass/weight. Gallons is a liquid measure. They do not convert cleanly. The density of the liquid being measured can make a big difference. If the liquid is water, there is 8 pounds to a gallon.

How much is 8 pounds in stone?

A stone is 14 pounds, so 8 pounds is 8/14 stone which is about .57, which is a bit less than 2/3 (2/3 is .6666...)

Why is pounds spelled like this lbs?

'lbs' is the abbreviation for pounds. It is derived from the Romanword libra , thus the word 'lb' with an added 's' forplural. Libra referred to the weight of Roman coins.

How much is 8 oz of beef in lbs?

1/2 lb. One pound equals to 16 ounces and one ounce equals 0.06 of a pound. Also this relates only to solid (weight) ounces. There are two different kinds of ounces, ounces of weight/mass and ounces of volume (fluid). This can change when you are using the ounces to measure a non-liquid such as flou ( Full Answer )

How much is 1.4 lbs in pounds?

virtually indistinguishable from 1.4 of them . Ibs is the abbreviation of pounds If you mean how much in kilograms then divide by 2.2046

Why does lbs equate to pounds?

Lbs is commonly used to represent the concept of mass in the United States system of measurement. It is the abbreviation for the Latin term "libra pondo" translates into English as "pound of mass."

How much is 8 pounds per hour?

It is £8 earned for every hour worked (and paid). Assuming a 37½ hour week that is 37½ × £8 = £300 per week And assuming paid for 52 weeks of the year that is 52 × £300 - £15,600 per year [gross].

Why is pound abbreviated with lb?

Lb is an abbreviation for the Latin word, libra, which means balance and scales, but also stands for libra pondo, meaning pound by weight

How much is 52 kilo grams in lbs pounds weight?

52 kilograms is a measure of mass, not of weight. A mass of 52kilograms would weigh approx 509.6 Newtons on the surface of theearth. This converts to approx 3668 pounds weight. . 52 kg is mass, but is equivalent to 2.2 pounds weight; thus 52kg is equivalent to 2.2 x 52 = 114 pounds

How much is 8 pounds of potatoes cost?

The price of potatoes varies as to what variety they are, wherethey were grown, where they are on sale, and the season (old or newpotatoes).

How much is 8 pounds of potatoes?

The price of potatoes varies as to what variety they are, wherethey were grown, where they are on sale, and the season (old or newpotatoes).

How much does a window 8 computer weigh in pounds and ounces?

Their is no specific size for a computer and the weight of acomputer is not dependant on windows 8. The weight of a computerdepends on the weight of its components. The heaviest component ismost likely the power supply. The next heavy component is would ahard drive. Either of these can be several po ( Full Answer )

Why is pounds abbreviated lbs.?

The abbreviation, lb, derives from the Latin libra pondo which means for pound weight. So lb actually comes from libra and that has more to do with "weight" - rather than pound.

How many lbs are in 8 tons?

16,000lbs (US) in a UK ton its 17920 (imperial) in a metric ton its 17636.98