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How much MB makes 1tb?

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Here it is the unit of data measurements:

8 bit = 1 byte

1024 byte = 1 Kilo byte

1024 kilo byte = 1 Mega byte

1024 Mega byte = 1 Giga byte

1024 Giga byte = 1 Tera byte

Now, 1 Tera byte = 1024 * 1024 Mega byte

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How much is 1tb of data?

1028 gigabytes or about 1,056,784 megabytes

What is bigger 1gb or 1tb?

1GB is 1,000 MB which is smaller than 1TB which is 1,000,000 MB (or 1,000 GB)

How many songs can 1TB have?

1Tb refers to 1,000,000 Mb. This is the 'retail' 1Tb not the 'technical' value (which is 1024x1024 Mb). The average MP3 is about 5Mb so 1,000,000 / 5 = 200,000 songs.

How much is 11GB in MB?

11GB = 11,000 MBBecause :1TB = 1000GB1GB = 1000MB1MB = 1000KB1KB = 1000B

How many gigabyte make 1tb?

1024gigabytes makes 1terabyte, just like 1024 bytes makes one kilobyte and 1024 kilobyte makes one megabyte.

1 terrabyte equals how many mega bytes?

That depends on how you determine it.in Binary 1TB=1024gb= 1 048 576 megabytesIn standard 1TB = 1 million megabytes

How much KBs are in a MB?

Probably 1000kb or 1024kb makes a mb.

What is bigger gb MB?

gb = gigabyte mb = megabyte 1kb = 1000 bytes 1mb = 1000 kilobytes (kb) 1gb = 1000 mb 1tb = 1000 gb tb = terabyte

How fast is the Western Digital 1TB My Book Essential Edition?

The 1TB My Book Essential Edition runs at 7200 rpm, and has a maximum transfer rate of 480 Mb/s.

How many megabytes in one gygabyte?

1,024kb = 1MB, 1,024mb=1GB, 1,024gb=1TB, etc etc

How many GB in MB and in a TB?

1TB = 1000GB = 1,000,000MB Just google it if you want details as to how it works

15500 MB is how many GB?

15.5 GB 1,000 bytes = 1KB 1,000 KB = 1MB 1,000 MB = 1GB 1,000 GB = 1TB (Terrabyte)

How much is one thousand gigabites?

1TB or terabyte and its actually 1024GB is equal to 1TB

How much memory can 1TB hold?

Somewhere around 1,000 GB. Or even 1,000,000 MB. In other terms: 1 pirated DVDRip = 700MB so about 1500 movies.

How many kB s are there in one tb?

1TB = 1024 MB = 1048576 KB1 Byte = 8 bitsSo, 1Tb = 131072KB (divide by 8)

What is larger 1Mb or 1Tb?

byte kilabyte megabye gigabye terabyte KB = 1024 bytes MB = 1024 KB GB = 1024 MB TB = 1024 GB

Is 71 megabytes a lot?

Its all about what you are using the space for. It doesn't matter whether its a 1TB drive or 500MB drive. Its all about what you are using it for.

How many megabytes makes 10 gigabytes?

== == Thare are 1,024 megabytes in a gigabyte, so 10,240 megabytes makes 10 gigabytes.

How much data can be stored on a 1TB external hard drive?

Really it is not 1TB, It can store exactly 931 GB of data.

How many kilobytes make one megabytes?

8bit = 1 byte1024byte = 1kb1,024kb = 1mb1,024mb = 1gb1,024gb = 1tb

How many MB in 1.5TB?

Since there is 1024 B units in the next largest B unit (Ex 1024 MB per 1GB, 1024GB per 1TB), then: 1.5 TB x 1,024 GB/TB = 1,536 GB 1,536 GB x 1,024 MB/GB = 1,572,864 MB

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