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It depends I had a P90 that held 200 rounds in a gravity mag but a spring mag holds around 50 a mid cap around 100 to 250 high cap 250-400

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Q: How much ammo does the airsoft p90 hold?
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What size ammo does the P90 airsoft gun take?

airsoft uses 6mm bbs. Perhaps you are talking about weight? .20 gram is good.

What is a okay airsoft p90?

Go for Tokyo Marui (TM) or Classic Army (CA) FN P90.

Help finding a p90 airsoft gun in an offline store?

There are plenty of p90 airsoft guns out there. I recommend searching "airsoft" in google maps. Once you find a store, check their website for the gun of your choice. Hope I helped.

Airsoft wellfire p90 in Michigan?

I don't think that there are any local stores in Michigan that stock the Wellfire P90.

Where can one purchase P90 airsoft?

ive been to a flea market and got a good one, but online has better.

What is better p90 or m41 airsoft?

M41 is not a standard airsoft model, did you mean a different one. Also it depends who makes them.

Where can one purchase a P90 airsoft gun?

A person can purchase a P90 airsoft gun from a store that sells various toy guns or online. Some online sites that have the P90 airsoft gun available for sale include Amazon, AirSplat, and HobbyTron.

What scope do you buy for airsoft p90?

FN P90 is a CQB (Close Quarter Battle) weapon. The barrel is short (also in the in the airsoft version) so it will not be effective at long range. You don't need scope. You need a red dot sight. Get an Aimpoint M2 (the most common red dot sight for P90), Holosight 551, or reflex sight. Those will suit for function and fit for the look of your P90.

What are the most consiliable airsoft weapons for cqb?

pistol, uzi, p90, small machine guns...

Is the JG P90 a good airsoft gun?

JG are normally pretty reliable for the price you pay. Obviously you get what you pay for, the same as pretty much anything in life.

What would a p90 airsoft gun sell for?

That really depends on the brand, anywhere from 60 bucks up to over $300.

Which p90 airsoft is the best?

Echo 1 in my opinion. It shoots to hot for CQB but it has higher quality internals then TM or CA. KS is the worst