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It varies, of course: subject, size, etc

Two years ago one of his many water lilies paintings was sold for 80 million dollars.

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Was Claude Monet famous during his lifetime?

Yes, absolutely. Even before becoming the 'father of Impressionism", his paintings were much sought after.

Nancy bailey paintings how much are they worth?

how much are nancy bailys paintings worth are they worth anything

How much are L Potronat paintings worth?

how much are l. potronat paintings worth

How much are john strevens paintings are worth?

How much are john strevens paintings worth

How much are Pablo Picasso's original paintings worth?

"How much are Pablo Picasso's original paintings worth?"

How much would an original Claude Monet picture cost?

About 20.1 million for a great piece

How much are alejandro hidalgo oil paintings worth?

Answering "How much are alejandro hidalgo oil paintings worth?"

How much does a painting by Claude Monet cost?

it wood cust morr thenn a miwyun dolers tobuy it

How much pictures Claude Monet painted?

There is no answer for this question...so many of his paintings ended up in private collections as well as galleries. Many of his paintings were thrown away because he felt they weren't what he had in mind. Many paintings he painted over 2-4 times because he didn't like them. He gave them away and also used them to barter with when he was a "starving artist".

What does monet cottman mean?

Monet Cottman can mean that this is a name of a female. Claude Monet was a famous painter. Cottman is the name of a chain of transmission repair facilities. Other than that, there isn't much other meaning.

How much are Stephen Tedeschi paintings worth?

How much is a Stephen tedeschi painting worth

How much is one of Celia Russell's paintings worth?

In Norway the aquarell flower paintings are worth 1500 to 2000 EURO

How much are Vincent Van Goghs paintings worth?

his paintings are selling for millions of dollars.

How much are William harlock paintings worth?

How much William harlock painting worth

How much is r Rosini artist paintings worth?

how much is r rosini artist painting worth

How much were Vincent van gogh's paintings worth?

They were worth nothing in his lifetime. But in 1990 one of his paintings sold for 82 million dollars.

How much is 1000 mille livres dollars worth in American money?

do anyone no how much 1000 mille livres is worth in american monet

How much is herbelot paintings worth?

no.214 Gannes-LaCroisette

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