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It depends on how rare they are.You can find out how rare they are by looking at the shape in the bottom right corner. Here is what the different shapes mean:

Circle:Common (Worth 25 cents)

Diamond: Uncommon (Worth 50 cents)

Star: Rare (Worth $1.00)

H with a star: Holo rare (Worth $1.50-$

However, sometimes there are exceptions, like a Charizard card could be worth 2999 U.S. dollars. You can look on Ebay to check some your card prices too. What was written above may be just added value to the real card.

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Q: How much are Pokemon cards worth?
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How much is 355 Pokemon cards worth?

It depends what the Pokemon cards are.

I have 434 Pokemon cards how much are they worth?

It depends on which cards they are. Check a website to find out how much the individual cards are worth, they add the amounts together.

How much are Toy Story cards and sets worth?

If They Are Foil Then There Worth 5.00! Like Pokemon Cards!

How much are Pokemon cards worth to day?


Where is a website that shows you how much Pokemon cards are worth? - that might help

How much are the gold pokemon cards worth?

It depends on the card

How much money are delta Pokemon cards worth?


How Much Are Shadow Lugia Pokemon Cards Worth?

Not much. They are just Pokemon cards, which aren't worth a ton. Maybe around $10 at the most. Maybe $20 for the must-have trader.

How much is a japanis Pokemon card whoth?

A foreign trading card is generally worth less than an English copy, so most Japanese Pokemon cards will not be worth as much, although some Japanese Pokemon cards will be worth something.

How much money are holographic Pokemon cards worth?

About 100 dollars

How much money are rare level x Pokemon cards worth?

They are worth 2.3 sandwichs.

How much are these Pokemon cards worth?

the value depends on the cards. 100s of dollars will be paid for some, but it depends on the person who buys it and what cards.

How can you tell how much Pokemon cards are worth?

Well it depends on the card and what condition its in.

How do you tell how much a Pokemon card is worth?

You can compare it to other cards on Ebay.

How much are pokemon cards worth today?

If they are really rare up to $200

Are Pokemon cards worth anything?

Are u kidding? of course Pokemon cards are worth money, if that's what ur taking about. but the cards have to be rare, because common ones are pretty much worthless. just go on eBay and people r selling Pokemon cards for sometimes over $20.00 a piece.

How much are gold Pokemon trading cards worth?

My friend has one and they said that on eBay they are worth $20.00, I think...

How much is a holographic machamp Pokemon card worth?

not much because holographic cards are very common

How much is a used Pokemon Black worth?

its worth 25 bucks the promo kind so i have pokemon black cards one is worth 29 bucks im selling

What are Pokemon EX cards?

cards worth more prize cards if knocked out

How much are the Pokemon card sets worth?

It depends on what card you have and how many. If you have cards that are worth more, you can sell them for higher prices.

How much are Japanese Pokemon cards worth?

they are fake so prob.....1 to 5 dollars

How much do pokemon cards sell for?

Depends on the card . Some are worth $200. Some $0.05 .

How much are ancient mew Pokemon cards worth?

50p each at cash converters rofl

How much is the whole set of gold plated Pokemon cards worth in the ball with the box?