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The referees are paid handsomely they get 5,000 pounds for the game.

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couple of thousand a match

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about 80 pounds a game

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Q: How much are referees paid per game?
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How much do referees for euro 2012 games get paid?

10.000$ per. Game

What is a professional referees starting salary?

$10 for sideline referees and $15 for the center referee per game. That is how much they usually get paid. This is a vague answer. How much you get paid depends on your organization. The higher age group you do the more you get paid.

How much does a college football referee get paid?

In D1, the lowest paid conference officials make about $800 per game. The SEC is the highest paid, with the officials making about $1600 per game.

How much do referees get paid in rugby?

Most referees in professional rugby get paid around 50,000 dollars a year. This varies spending upon country and which team.

How much do the Springboks get paid per game?

R80k per game

How much do snooker referees earn?

Not as much as you might think. They dont get paid per match, they get paid a daily rate. At professional level it is approx £75 per day with expenses of £15 per day.

How much does Michael Jordan get paid per game?

Michael got paid 565,192 dollars per game

How much money does a referee make per game?

In the Midwest, an NAIA college basketball game or Junior College basketball game pays each of 3 referees between $150 and $165 per game. NCAA DivII referees earn between $200 and $250 per game. NCAA referees pay varies quite a bit by conference and by experience, but $1000 per game is closer to the minimum than the maximum.

How much are youth hockey referees paid?

Depends on the league. Anywhere from volunteers to $75 per game. If the league is using high school referees, they usually get paid the same as a high school game. The average for my area is $40 per game for a two hour game.

How much does Matt Ryan get paid per game?

Too much

If Alex Rodriguez got paid for every game how much would he make per game?

He would be paid 169,753 dollars a game.

How much did Michael Jordan get paid per game?

1,400 1,400