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zero calories

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zero calories

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Q: How much artificial sugar is in a can of Diet Coke?
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How much sugar is in a can of Diet Coke?

Diet Coke uses artificial sweeteners.

Is Diet Coke badfor you?

Yes. In fact, artificial sweeteners are much more harmful than sugar.

Why is regular Coke more dense than Diet Coke?

coke is heavier than diet coke because of the corn syrup. Corn syrup is much heavier than the artificial sweeteners in Diet Coke. Also, because artificial sweeteners are 200 times sweeter than sugar, less of it can be used, making diet coke lighter. DIET COKE IS VERY BAD FOR YOU THOUGH; YOU WOULD BE MUCH BETTER OFF DRINKING A REGULAR COKE. DIET COKE DOES NOT HELP WEIGHT PROBLEMS EITHER, JUST DRINK WATER.

How much sugar is in Bacardi and Diet Coke?

About 33 grams in coke which is roughly a third of our daily allowance if you go by these. And no sugar in diet coke but i think there is a lot of sweetener in the diet drinks.

How much sugar is in coke Diet Coke-and-dr-pepper?

33 grams

Is Diet Coke bad vfor you?

diet coke doesn't have sugar in it but, as with any food, too much isn't good for you.

Do cans float?

The Diet Coke can floats because the sugar they put in regular Coke has been substituted by a lighter (less dense) substance (a healthier type of sweetness). The sugar is much denser that the artificial sweetener, so the Coke sinks and the Diet Coke floats.

Is Diet Coke sweeter than normal coke?

Diet coke has little or no sugar in it. Sugar is a form of energy and so would not be added to diet coke. Diet coke is pretty much carbonated water and addatives and contains only a couple of calories.

How much sugar is in Diet Coke?

Essentially none. Diet Coke™ is sweetened by aspartame (Nutrasweet™) instead of sugar. However, the caramel flavoring does contain a small (negligible) amount.

Why does Coca-Cola expand when frozen?

Diet coke contains no sugar, and sugar is what keeps regular coke from freezing. So basically diet coke freezes it expands, and regular coke just gets slushy in most home freezers. takes much colder temps. to freeze things with a lot of sugar like regular coke...

Does Diet Coke have the same amount of caffeine in it as Coke zero?

Probably not; diet coke is much healthier than coke. diet coke is actually not better than normal coke as the acids in diet coke make you want more sugar and makes you want more sugar and food so it makes you binge out on mainly sugar filled foods. so if you are dieting i would recommend you drink neither.

Why is it better to use Diet Coke than regular coke in a mentos and coke experiment?

Because the chemicals in diet coke react with the chemicals in the mentos, Normal coke has the same chemicals that mentos has, that is why you need to have a positive and negative to react, Normal coke and mentos is positive and positive.