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Q: How much bleach is safe to drink for animals?
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Is it safe to drink bleach?

Of course not!

How do you make color safe bleach?

You can make the color safe bleach by adding peroxide with water.

What are safe bleach to water dilutions?

Safe for what? Generally 10% bleach or a 1:10 ratio to whatever the amount of water. For a percentage example you would add 3% bleach to a 32 ounce spray bottle, you would add 6% bleach to 64 oz (gallon) of water, etc., for a ratio example you would use a mixture of 1 cup of bleach to 9 cups of water, etc. For human consumption 1 Tablespoon for gallon will purify the water and make it safe to drink.

Is tap water safe to drink in the bahamsas?

no it is not safe because all tap water is cleaned with bleach and other chemicals don't be astonished because every tap water is like this.

Is bleach a safe laundry aide to use?

I use bleach often. They have a color safe bleach, so you can use it on any color of clothing. There is also a bleach alternative which is usually cheaper.

Is it safe to eat bleach?


How do you bleach blue shorts?

With a dab of bleach. If the bathing suit is completely white then you dont have to worry about the bleach ruining anything.

How much is safe to drink?

Considering this is under pregnancy...NONE

Why do other animals come to the water holes to drink when they see the giraffes are there?

Why do other animals come to the water holes to drink when they see that the giraffes are there

Do detergents have bleach?

Most detergents do not have bleach. Some have "color safe" bleach, like OxyClean or some other oxygen bleach.

Does bleach kill faeces?

Poo is not a living organism. If there are living organisms in it, mostly bacteria, they would be killed by bleach. That is one of the reasons swimming pools have chlorine in them. Bleach is often used as an in expensive disinfectant and can even be used to render water safe to drink (in very small quantities!).

Is non chlorine bleach the same as color safe bleach?

I think So