How much can a savannah monitor weigh?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: How much can a savannah monitor weigh?
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When was Savannah monitor created?

Savannah monitor was created in 1792.

How much does a monitor weigh?

about 60 pounds

Approximately how much will a 22 inch monitor weigh?

A 22 inch monitor would approximately weigh 5.5 kg

What is stronger a Water monitor or Savannah monitor?

i think it might be a water monitor because they are bigger.

How much does a 1929 GE monitor top refrigerator weigh?


Name a reptile that lives in the Savannah besides the Savannah monitor?

a ball snake10 old Nastarsha

Will a Savannah monitor eat while shedding?

yes it will

Name a large lizard?

Konodo Dragon, Water Monitor, Savannah monitor, Gila monster, beaded lizard, and Tree Monitor.

Largest Savannah monitor ever recorded?

the world record is 4.5ft

Can you teach a Savannah Monitor tricks?

No, you can't, they are too ferocious, do Not buy one.

How much should a computer monitor weigh fifteen pounds fifteens ounces or eighty pounds?

fifteen pounds

What are the three greatest threats to the Savannah Monitor?

The species is hunted for its leather and meat and for the international pet trade.