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too much -- that is why it begins escaping as soon as you open he bottle.

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Q: How much carbon dioxide in Diet Coke?
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How much more carbine dioxide is in Diet Coke than in regular coke?

you don't want to drink it

Why does Diet Coke go higher than Sprite?

there is more coarbon dioxide in diet coke than in sprite as the carbonation process of diet coke in in much higher quantities the CO2 in the bottle of diet coike is much higher than in sprite eg the amount of co2 given off in 330 ml of coca cola is 660 cm3 where as the amount given off from a sprite can is 400cm3 get it?

How much sugar is in a can of Diet Coke?

Diet Coke uses artificial sweeteners.

Why does Mentos makes coke expolde?

i think that it is the carbon dioxide gas that is in the coke bottle It can be the metos making the bottle fill up with bubbles and the pressure is too much and it explodes.

Does sprite have more carbon dioxide than coke?

Not sure. i was looking for an answer online when i found this question, but one thing is for sure, sprite bubbles atleast 2wice as much as coke. that goes for all clear soda's vs dark colas

How much sugar is in Bacardi and Diet Coke?

About 33 grams in coke which is roughly a third of our daily allowance if you go by these. And no sugar in diet coke but i think there is a lot of sweetener in the diet drinks.

How much sugar is in coke Diet Coke-and-dr-pepper?

33 grams

Is Diet Coke bad vfor you?

diet coke doesn't have sugar in it but, as with any food, too much isn't good for you.

How much energy does a can of Diet Coke have?

Diet Coke contains approx. 1.3 calories which is equivalent to 5 kilo-joules.

How much percent of carbon dioxide have in Sprite?

Sprite has 6% of carbon dioxide

How much potassium in Diet Coke?

5 grams

How much carbon dioxide is in root beer?

6 percent of root beer is carbon dioxide