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0,74 tons of clinker (depending on the quality tho)

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Q: How much clinker is used to make one ton of cement?
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Which rock is used to make cement?

limestone is used to make cement

What is used to make cement?

Limestone is the key component. Coal and other fossil fuels are used in the process to provide carbon; iron and aluminium ores, clays, shale, sand and fly ash are several other materials also often used in the formation of clinker.

How much cement used in 1m3 reinforcement cement concrete?

Which Grade?

What ---------mineral is used make cement?

No, Mineral is not used in cement manufacturing.Various materials are used in cement manufacturing.Some of the materials used in cement manufacturing are limestone, clay, gypsum, iron oxide, magnesium, coal dust.what does mineral cement mean

Is cement homogeneous?

Yes. The cement used to make concrete usually has sand, aggregate and Portland cement in it. That would make it heterogeneous.

Is coal used to make cement?

Yes. Coal is a common source of the heat needed to make cement.

What materials are used to make cement?

The materials used to make cement are,Calcareous materials (limestone)Argillaceous materials (clay)gypsumCoal dustIron oxidemagnesiumAlkalies

What does clinker refer to in regards to boats?

Clinker is a method of boat building where the planks of the hull overlap. It was used by the Vikings and can also be seen on the traditional Norfolk wherries.

What was used to make Madison square garden?


What Sedimentary rock is used in cement?

The sedimentary rock that is used in making cement is limestone. Cement, which is used in making concrete, is a mixture of marl and lime.

Amount of cement used in the Hoover Dam?

5,000,000 barrels of cement were used to make the 4,300,000 cubic yards of concrete required.

What sedimentary rock is used to make cement?

Limestone is the sedimentary rock that is used to make cement. Some limestone is made of old coral reefs that have been buried by deposits.