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How much cubic meters of concrete in 130 square meters?

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130 cubic meters for each meter the 130-square-meter slab is thick.

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How much concrete will i need to cover 65 square meters by 1 centimeter in depth?

65 square meters times 0.01 meters (one centimeter) equals 0.65 cubic meters.

If a house is 2250 cubic meters how much is that in square meters?

Does not convert. Cubic meters is volume and square meters is area.

How much cubic meter is one square?

You can't compare cubic meters with square meters.

How much a square meter of concrete?

Concrete is sold in cubic (volume) measurements not square (area) measurements.

How much does 0.76 cubic meters of concrete weigh?

compare 0.76 cubic meter to kilogram

How Much Does 20 Square meters Of Concrete Cost?

That is an area measurement, whereas concrete is measured in volume, typically cubic yards in the US. The costs vary widely based on local availiblity of materials and the type of concrete mix. The national average is about $100 for a cubic yard of concrete.

How much does a square meter of concrete weigh?

Thisquestion needs clarifying. The question should be 'how much does a CUBIC metre of concrete weigh'. A square metre of concrete would have to have a thickness to make volume.

How much premix concrete need to build 1 cubic meters of concrete?

An 80 pound bag of premix concrete will make .6 cubic feet of cured concrete. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic meter, so it would take 45 80 pound bags to make one cubic meter.

How big is 800 cubic feet?

Cubic feet are a type of volume measurement. Depending on what you are converting the cubic feet too will decide how much the area is. Converting 800 cubic feet to square meters would be 74.32 square meters.

How much is 80 square meters equal to in cubic meters?

Cubic means a three-dimensional volume. Square means a two-dimensional flat area. One cannot be converted to the other.

How much is 12.19 meters squared in cubic meters?

A square metre is a unit of area. A cubic metre is a unit of volume. The two units are therefore incompatible.

Convert 30 square meters to cubic meters?

"Square meter" is a unit of area. "Cubic meter" is a unit of volume.If you have a large box, the "square meters" of its sides would tell you how much paint you needin order to paint the sides, whereas the "cubic meters" of its inside would tell you how much waterit would take to fill it."Square" meters and "Cubic" meters are completely different units, and they're used to measurecompletely different quantities. Neither one can be converted into the other. That would be liketrying to convert your age into gallons.

How much concrete square feet cost?

Concrete in the bulk is measured in cubic yards. Concrete on the ground is often measured by square yards, but the depth of the concrete must be known, too. The price per cubic yard varies a lot across the US, plus not knowing the thickness of the concrete means that your question cannot reasonably be answered.

How much square feet if 1 qubic meter?

You can't compare square feet with cubic meters because they're two different types of units. Square feet measure area while cubic meters measure volume.

How much concrete is needed for a slab 120 square feet by 3.5 inches thick?

(3.5/12) x 120 = (.2917) x 120 = 35.004 Cubic Feet Concrete is sold by the cubic yard. 35.004 cubic feet = 1.3 cubic yards

How much concrete was used to build the millau bridge?

The volume of concrete used to build the Millau bridge is 85,000 m3 (cubic meters). The weight of this volume of concrete is 206,000 metric tons.

What is the biggest dam in US?

The biggest dam in the United States is Hoover Dam!!

How much cubic meters is equal to 419328 cubic inches?

419,328 cubic inches is 6.871 cubic meters.

How much space do 4 cubic meters occupy?

4 cubic meters.a block two meters square and one meter highA cube 158 centimeters on a side.A sphere almost 2 meters in diameter (197cm)

How much cubic meter would in twenty foot box contain?

A 20-foot square box has a volume of about 226.534 cubic meters.

How much cubic meters in a gallon?

1 gallon = 0.003785 cubic meters

How much steel required in one cubic meter concrete?

How much steel required in one cubic meter concrete = 100kg or 0.1ton

How much concrete can a mini mix hold?

A mini mix can hold up to four cubic meters of concrete. Some may hold a little more or a little less depending on type and thickness of concrete.

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